Prime Minister goes on TikTok

It seems that TikTok is no longer just for Gen Z’ers, as Thailand’s government officials are also hopping on the trend. Government spokesperson, Anucha Burapachaisri, announced on 9th February 2021 that Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-o-cha is planning to make an appearance on the famous social media platform this Chinese New Year

The spokesperson explained the PM’s rationale behind starting a TikTok is to communicate more with the people.

New ways to communicate with the people

Mr. Burapachaisiri stated that the PM’s new TikTok account is part of a strategy that aims to promote two-way communication with the Prime Minister’s office and the Thai people. According to the spokesperson, the Prime Minister’s first TikTok video will be a 60-second clip of Gen. Prayuth wishing the Thai people a Happy Chinese New Year. Thairath also reported that the Prime Minister has requested “cute music” to be put on his TikTok video.

Thai Tiktok
TikTok is very famous among Thai young adults, with its unique video effects and filters allowing people to showcase their creativity.
Image credit: Club Sister

The government spokesperson also mentioned that the Prime Minister and the government will focus on podcasting – in addition to TikTok – in order to be able to reach all Thai people.

TikTok fever

The short-form video social media platform became extremely popular during the 2020’s quarantine period as it brought interactive challenges and a sense of togetherness from all over the world directly to peoples’ mobile phones. 

Tiktok Statistics 2020
TikTok reached its first billion downloads in 2019 and took less than a year to gain a billion more – a very impressive achievement for a social network app.
Image credit: Oberlo

According to Oberlo, TikTok was 2020’s number one most downloaded application in the world, with a current 800 million daily users. An article from Reuters also pointed out that TikTok is trending in Southeast Asia, with 151% growth year-on-year for 2020.

Join the trend

If you haven’t got TikTok on your phone, maybe now is the time to download one so you can see all the latest trends and be able to catch the Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year blessing in time. Apart from that, TikTok can also offer fun challenges for you and your family during your Chinese New Year gathering. Just make sure to let your rich aunties join in as well and maybe you could get a big angbao for letting her have a good time.

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