Police officer performs CPR squirrel

Law enforcement officers are devoted to protecting and saving lives, they’re the front liners for the public

Officer Yongyut Thithanon, who works for the Investigations Unit, performed CPR with a stick on an electrocuted squirrel on 16th March 2021.

The officer’s empathy

A video clip posted by a Facebook page, ‘Tamruadgumpawapee Jangwad Udon Thani‘, shares a heroic performance by an officer in Udon Thani. 

Officer Yongyut reportedly found a squirrel that was electrocuted by a cable behind the Investigations Unit building, as posted by Thai PBS.

Armed with the skills and empathy for animals, Officer Yongyut sprung into action and performed CPR on an Albino Squirrel. After roughly 40 seconds of performing CPR on the animal friend, the squirrel miraculously started breathing and moving around again.

Thai Police Officer Performs CPR To Save Electrocuted Squirrel
Screenshot: ตำรวจกุมภวาปี จังหวัดอุดรธานี 

The officer shared that squirrels are electrocuted by the cables right in front of his dormitory – where it’s closed to the quarters every morning. 

Squirrel is a Naga in disguise

In Isaan or northeastern Thai folklore, the albino squirrel is believed to be a sacred being that should be treated with respect.

Thai Police Officer Performs CPR To Save Electrocuted SquirrelNaga statue in north eastern Thailand
Image credit: @zach_macdonald86

Legends from the City of Nong Han tell the tale of a squirrel that was disguised as naga, a mythical creature that exists in lore across Southeast Asia. The critter was shot by an archer. Angered by the fact that his son was seen as food, the naga’s father destroyed the city where the archer lived.

Thus, squirrels are not eaten or in the region.

Animals are our best friends

Animals play an important role in nature and maintain a healthy ecosystem. So, it’s important for all of our well-being that we keep an eye out for them – this officer has deep empathy for the squirrel and even saved its life. We must be kind to animals and other beings, always.

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Cover images adapted from: ตำรวจกุมภวาปี จังหวัดอุดรธานี  (Left & Right)

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