Motorcyclist helps clear roads for ambulance

Thai motorbike hero helps stroke patientImage adapted from สตฤณ พิณพิพัฒน์ and Kitthanat Huayhongtong

Traffic jams can be an annoying problem if you’re trying to get somewhere, like to the office or when you’re heading to the airport. But this annoyance can turn into a real danger when it’s during a medical emergency and one is rushing to the hospital. 

On 15th November 2019, a Thai motorcyclist helped clear the roads for an ambulance that was carrying a stroke patient in order for them to get to the hospital in time. 

77-year-old patient was stuck in an ambulance

Thai motorbike hero helps stroke patient

Facebook user Kitthanat Huayhongtong posted a video and some photos along with a caption, saying:

“I found out from a CT scan that my father had clots in his brain and had to head to the Prasat Neurological Institute immediately, but there was a traffic jam blocking [the roads] along the way. I don’t know who the motorcyclist was, but he was so kind.” 

She then reached out to the public to ask if anyone had any information about the man. “If anybody knows him, please let him know that I’m very thankful.” 

a motorbike help a patient in Bangkok's traffic jam
A motorbike helped clear cars on the road to give an ambulance way 
Image credit: Kitthanat Huayhongtong

“I don’t want to be a hero. I just love to help others.”

After the post went viral, Ms. Kitthanat was finally able to find her hero thanks to fellow netizens. The man was Satrin “Tin” Pinpipat, a 29-year-old biker whom Ms. Kitthanat was able to reach out to. 

Mr'. Tin - a motorbike hero helps stroke patient
Mr. Tin
Image credit: สตฤณ พิณพิพัฒน์

Mr. Tin shared with MGR Online that he found it unbelievable that people were calling him a hero. “I don’t want to be a hero. I just love to help others. I think that if the person in the ambulance was me or anyone I loved, every second would have been important.” 

Netizens came together to praise his kindness

Many users gave their compliments to Mr. Tin and also shared encouraging words for Ms. Kitthanat and her father during his medical journey.

compliments for Thai motorbike hero

Translation: This biker is so kind. He was willing to help even though he didn’t know them. He is so handsome both on the outside and inside. That’s very touching. [I also] hope your father is safe and will get well soon.

compliments for Thai motorbike hero

Translation: Hope your father is safe. What the motorbiker did was very commendable.

compliments for Thai motorbike hero

Translation: I hope your father gets well soon. Also wishing the biker many good things in life. And thank you to every car that gave way for the ambulance!

Ms. Kitthanat has since posted an update to share that her father is in stable condition, but requires close attention from the doctor. He will be receiving surgery soon too. 

A hero isn’t someone who needs to do something massive to save the world. All you need to do is help others in any way you can – and I think heroes are hidden in everyone. 

Thank you Mr. Tin for inspiring us with your humble actions!

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