฿200 for public and ฿500 for motorcycle taxi drivers

maesot money giveawayImage adapted from: True ID

COVID-19 has been a big blow to many industries and businesses, with some workers losing their jobs, while others have had to change their jobs temporarily just to earn a living. However, amid this difficult situation, many kind actions such as people donating money and food are being seen.

Gave away ฿120,000 in total

maesot money giveawayImage credit: True ID

On 12th May, long queues were seen in front of a gold shop in Mae Sot City as there was a money giveaway event.

maesot money giveawayImage credit: True ID

It was revealed that the person behind this was Mr. Chit, the owner of said gold shop. He gave away ฿200 per person for members of the public, and ฿500 per person for motorcycle taxi drivers. ฿120,000 was given away in total and more than 600 people had received the money.

Mr. Chit shared that it was his 72nd birthday and he wanted to contribute back to society. With the COVID-19 situation affecting many people financially, he thought that this would be the best way to celebrate his birthday. 

Additionally, he added the reason behind giving a larger amount of money to motorcycle taxi drivers was because he knew that not many people were going out and using public transport these days. Every day in the early morning, he sees motorcycle taxi drivers getting ready to pick passengers up, but no people have been seen hiring these drivers.

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Social distancing was being practised

Although big crowds were seen, there was nothing to worry about as police officers were present and making sure proper social distancing was being practised. Mr.Chit had also apologised for causing traffic and making people gather in one place.

An act of kindness can mean a lot to others

A small act of kindness can have a big impact on others. Kindness not only means donating money or giving away things but being and respectful to each other during this time too.

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