Thai man cuts his penis off

After the government legalised cannabis in Thailand, several people considered it good news at that point. Some rushed to buy lots of weed plants to grow at home after hearing the news.

While cannabis is widely used among particular groups of people, and many claim it’s harmless to our health, there are some who’ve reportedly been negatively affected by it – like this Thai man who allegedly amputated his own penis due to cannabis psychosis.

Keep reading to find out how this happened with marijuana usage and why you should be careful when smoking it.

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Thai man amputates penis after cannabis usage

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A Thai man reportedly severed his penis after he had a painful erection while under the influence of marijuana.

BioMed Central’s journal stated that this Thai man went back to smoke weed after having stopped for three months. He had allegedly smoked 2 grams of cannabis before getting an erection,

Later, he felt pain at his penis and noticed that his penis wasn’t its normal shape, so he decided to cut it off, according to DailyNews on 21st June 2022.

Image credit: bustle

The man was sent to an emergency department in a hospital afterwards. However, the operation to reattach his member was not successful, due to “dirt and ants”. Plus, some parts of the organ were too fragile to do reconstructive surgery, reported Khaosod.

On 21st June 2022, Dr. Aumporn Benchaponpitak, the director-general of Mental Health Department of Thailand, explained to WorkpointToday that marijuana psychosis can happen from taking in too much THC, the active chemical compound in marijuana.

She also added that this compound will travel into the bloodstream within 2 to 3 minutes, causing the smoker to have anxiety, be in a dreamy state or exhibit other mental symptoms.

Use cannabis with caution

We’re sincerely sorry for this guy’s loss of his member. Hopefully, he’ll be able to take his experience in his stride and work towards a full recovery.

Even though it’s legal to smoke marijuana privately in Thailand now, we suggest using it with caution and during appropriate situations to avoid any severe health symptoms. Getting a full body check-up to determine your health and asking the doctor for advise before using it would definitely be a good idea.

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