Flooding in Thailand 

When visiting Thai beaches, tourists are always cautioned against the Kingdom’s ‘Monsoon Season’. Being a tropical country located so close to the equator, it doesn’t come as a surprise that storms in flooding in Thailand is a common occurrence. 

The real ‘wow’ factor is how high the water rises. 

Fish in the streets 

Sattahip District in the Chonburi province showed highly elevated water levels this March.

fish-in-the-streetImage credit: Siamrath

An image from Siam Focus Time showed 4-wheelers‘ wheels being submerged in the rain. 

car-submerged-in-chonburiImage credit: Siam Focus Time

Locals have been facing this problem and have asked the municipality to provide assistance and a solution to the flooding, according to True ID

With the rain coming and going, contents from surrounding bodies of water – like catfish – soon spilled into the streets. 

catfishImage credit: Siamrath 

In fact, there were so many catfish that locals were able to show off a basket of them.

locals catch catfish
Image credit: True ID 

Dancing in the storm 

Monsoon season is definitely something that locals prepare for – almost everyone packs a raincoat or umbrella for the commute from March – May. However, sometimes the rain can be so unpredictable that it causes a sudden flood that lasts for extended periods of time. 

In the case of these locals, they managed to have the fresh catches of the day swim right up to their streets.

For more locals who looked on the bright side: 

Cover images adapted from: Siamrath

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