Thai teacher wears traditional costume

When you’re a student and are used to learning with your friends in an enriching environment, it’s totally valid to be tired of online classes. So, let’s give it up for the teachers who are finding innovative ways to keep their students engaged during these difficult times.  

Ms. Vanida Sayawong teaches Thai literature to fifth grade students in the central Thai province of Ang Thong where students have had to rely on virtual learning due to Covid-19. So, in order to captivate her audience, Ms. Sayawong performs Thai traditional dance to convey each story.

Traditional artist turned teacher

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Sayawong had extensive experience in the field of Thai traditional dance. The teacher’s father owns a pipat – classical music ensemble – and her mother is the head of a Thai theatre troupe. Learn Tech Asia reported that Ms. Sayawong performed with the troupe and even graduated in the field of Thai traditional dance.

Thai teacher with traditional masks
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When she had to teach from home, Ms. Sayawong noticed her mother’s robust collection of costumes, lakorn chatri, and decided to use them to teach her unit on “Sang Thong”, a 19th Century drama dance. A central part of her lesson are the masks and headdresses, which in Thai traditional performance, represents a different character and what class they belong to.

ฮือฮา! ครูภาษาไทยจัดเต็มใส่ชุดวรรณคดีสอนออนไลน์ เพิ่มสีสันบทเรียน
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ฮือฮา! ครูภาษาไทยจัดเต็มใส่ชุดวรรณคดีสอนออนไลน์ เพิ่มสีสันบทเรียน

Ms. Sayawong provides her students with a set of questions that they must answer after watching each performance, which further encourages them to focus. 

Teachers continue to persevere 

Teaching is hard enough – throw in a pandemic and the virtual element you’ve got yourself a whole ‘nother set of challenges. Ms. Sayawong is just one example of many teachers who’ve had to adapt to the new normal, and have helped their students do so in a fun way. 

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