LGBTQ+ community in Thailand

With growing national support towards the LGBTQ+ community, Thailand is seen as a rainbow paradise for the community. While the general public maintains a positive attitude towards Thai LGBTQ+ children, many family members hold different views, causing bullying and low self-confidence for the demographic. 

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This House Has Gender Diversity 

LGBTQ+ youths in Thailand have struggled with gaining acceptance from their family members. The Thai government organisation, Thai Health Promotion Foundation has written “This House Has Gender Diversity” in collaboration with the Foundation of Transgender Alliance fo Human Rights.

The manual is written for parents and guardians with LGBTQ+ children, in hopes of helping them better understand their children. “This House Has Gender Diversity” even has a section on how to navigate questions from nosy neighbours, as well as instructions on how to create a safe space and a supportive environment for families with LGBTQ+ children, according to The Thaiger.

Thai Organisations Create Safe Spaces & Support Systems For LGBTQ+ YouthThis image is for Illustration purposes only – Thai LGBTQ+ Youths
Image credit: Her story_My Daughter

An online version of the manual is set to be published in April on the websites of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and The Foundation of Transgender Alliance for Human Rights.

An inclusive future

As social issues take centre stage, inclusion and interconnectedness are also rising to combat present problems. Not only LGBTQ+ communities face discrimation and many others as well, regardless of their privilege – it’s important to treat everyone as equals. 

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