Thai drug dealer smuggles meth into Korea

We know that inspiration can strike at any moment. Some of the world’s greatest figures were inspired by pieces of music, theatre, or even an apple falling on their heads.

In the case of this unnamed Thai man, who was arrested for smuggling ฿374,340,000 (~USD12,000,000) worth of methamphetamines into South Korea, he may just have been inspired by Pablo Escobar who was featured in the Netflix series, Narcos.

Here’s how he tried to pull it off.

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Smuggled 134,000 doses of meth into South Korea

According to reports, the man attempted to import 4KG of meth into South Korea in exchange for ฿200,000 (~USD6,400). Disguised as protein supplements, the goods arrived in Korea via air freight on 6th May 2021, and the suspect was apprehended less than a month later.

thai-drug-smugglerImage credit: Yonhap News

Korean prosecutors have shared that he has been handed over to the courts and is awaiting trial, reported Yonhap News.

Thai nationals caught smuggling drugs into Korea

Since November, Korean authorities have arrested Thai and Korean nationals for importing 170 grams of methamphetamine, 55 ecstasy tablets, over 1,500 yaba tablets, and just under 100 grams of ketamine via air mail, reports Thai Enquirer.

The nation’s prosecution service also stated that meth seized from Thai nationals make up for 12% of the annual average.

Leave “Narcos” on Netflix

The appeal of receiving ฿200,000 (~USD6,400) for a seemingly “easy” job of mailing “protein supplements” to yourself is understandable. However, the consequences of going through legal procedures overseas, imprisonment and tolls taken on your mental health are not worth any sum.

So, it’s best to avoid risky deals with real world consequences, unless we’re prepared to pay the price for breaking the law.

Cover images adapted from: Getty images via BBC

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