Thai dog stands on a moving pick-up

There are all sorts of people in the world, from brave to timid ones. And this applies to animals too, as proven by this courageous Thai dog that was filmed in a viral TikTok video standing on a moving pick-up without fear. Because it was so unfazed, many netizens applauded its boldness.

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Thai dog stands confidently on a moving pick-up

Image credit: Thainewsonline

On 3rd July 2022, netizens shared a viral TikTok video of a dog standing fearlessly on a moving pick-up truck.

Screenshot: @hnamtoey52

According to Sanook, the owner of the dog turned out to be the driver of the pick-up truck. The owner said he’s a builder and his dog follows him to work regularly. He claimed that he never taught his dog to stand on the pick-up’s roof, and that it has habitually done that since it was 7 years old.

TikTok users compliment dog’s bravery, while worrying about its safety

Some netizens said the dog was so brave and looked so confident standing atop the pick-up. However, some were concerned about its safety.

Screenshot: @hnamtoey52

Translation: I’m afraid it will fall off the pick-up. It’s dangerous.

One TikTok user didn’t feel like the owner should let his dog stand on a moving vehicle because of the potential danger.

Screenshot: @hnamtoey52

Translation: Will the cops pull him over? LOL

Another user wondered whether the driver would be in trouble if the police witnessed the scene.

Screenshot: @hnamtoey52

Translation: So brave.

Someone also commented that the dog was so brave to stand on the pick-up’s roof while the vehicle was moving.

Screenshot: @hnamtoey52

Translation: Do you know that I rule this road? 

One netizen even jokingly implied that the dog was the boss of the road.

Thai dog goes viral for standing on a moving vehicle

While we have utmost respect for the dog for standing like a boss so steadily on a moving vehicle, we’re also worried for its safety. Nonetheless, we’re sure that the owner knows what he is doing, and we hope the dog stays safe while doing what it likes. We’re sure the dog has earned high regard from his furbuddies for his audacity too.

Cover image adapted from: Thainewsonline

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