8 Charismatic Thai doctors

Doctors are real-life superheroes who we highly respect for their dedication to save people’s lives.

But, besides their bravery and genuine compassion for their patients, we can’t deny that some doctors also captivate us with their non-medically related abilities and, admittedly, their charms. 

With the nature of their work, it amazes us that these medical professionals can still find time to pursue their other passions while also staying committed to their health and fitness. 

If you catch our drift, then check out this list of eight charismatic Thai doctors who are also making waves outside of the hospital. 

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1. Dr. Nawat “Nino” Na Takuathung – certified eligible bachelor & internist

The first doctor on our list is none other than internist and one of CLEO’s 50 eligible bachelors of 2017, Doctor Nawat “Nino” Na Takuathung.

Image credit: @Nn.nino

When Nino’s not busy saving lives, his Instagram shows him to always be at the beach. 

The internist also explains his frequent beach trips with his New Year’s resolution: Wear less shirts so you don’t need to wash ’em and help the world save water”.

Image credit: @Nn.nino

When he’s not at the beach, though, you can catch Dr. Nino in action as a General Internist. In fact, he showcased his talents on the Thai TV programme, 123 RANKING SHOW, where he examined a patient’s heart. 

Image credit: @Nn.nino

It should also be noted that Doctor Nino graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University, one of Thailand’s leading institutions. His specialisation is internal medicine, so he’d be the one to help you if you have a fever. 

We admire the doctors for their ability to discern the specifics of a patients’ condition just by listening to their hearts. What we also admire is the willingness to share their knowledge with the public. 

Read onto the next doctor, who is also happy to share his expertise. 

2. Dr. Tanat “Topp” Chinbunchorn – HIV specialist and advocate

Next up on our list is Dr. Tanat “Topp” Chinbunchorn. This multifaceted guy is not only a doctor, but also an HIV activist who works hard to raise awareness of the condition. 

Image credit: @Topchinbunchorn

With his strong commitment to de-stigmatise the disease, Doctor Topp is also a researcher and practitioner at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, according to The Momentum.

Dr. Topp is also seen SCUBA diving with his partner.
Image credit: @Topchinbunchorn

He once said in an interview that helping people makes him feel happy and brings him positive energy to help make the world a better place where everyone can live happily and equally.

Image credit: @Topchinbunchorn

Also, he graduated from Harvard University, as mentioned in the bio of his IG account, which testifies to his intellectual capacities.

Image credit: @Topchinbunchorn

We hope you’re not too bored about doctors from Thailand who aim to educate the masses about different diseases just yet, as the next doctor is making the world a sweeter place. 

3. Dr. Sira “Pierre” Korpaisarn – diabetes doctor who loves baking

Doctor Sira “Pierre” Korpaisarn is a doctor who specialises in diabetes with a megawatt smile so eye-catching that we wouldn’t blame his patients if their blood sugar levels dropped further. 

Image credit: @pierresira

Besides being a Diabetes specialist, Dr. Sira is also a University lecturer

Screenshot: ออก นอก โรค ( ORK NORK ROAK )

If you want to know how knowledgeable he is about diabetes, there are many clips of him discussing the disease on YouTube.

He also seems to be adept in other sweets-related fields. 

Image credit: @pierresira

When he’s a doctor, Dr. Sira’s job is to provide treatment for diabetic patients. But, during his free time, Doctor Pierre bakes cakes and other sweets, as frequently seen on his IG story.

His feed also shows him travelling, which shows us that even the most hardworking professionals are taking time to recharge their batteries. 

Image credit: @pierresira

This definitely makes us rethink the notion that Thai doctors may not have much time to travel that often. 

Just to drive that point home, this next doctor will proves that no matter how heavy their workload, it’s still important to make time to go out on adventures and chillax.

4. Dr. Kantaphong “Pyong” Thongrong – charming doctor-travel writer

We know that doctors spend most of their lives in the hospital. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case for Dr. Kantaphong “Pyong” Thongrong, a physiatrist who’s often spotted going on trips.

Image credit: @Pycaptain

He once said in an interview that being on a trip with a camera to capture all the beautiful scenery he finds along the way is his idea of utopia and recharges his batteries. 

That explains why each photo of the attractions on his Instagram always makes us feel stunned with wide eyed wonder.

Image credit: @Pycaptain

Dr. Kantapong also has a Facebook page, Pyong Traveller X Doctor, where you observe his journeys.

Another important thing to note about this doctor is that he’s also a published travel writer. His book, PYONG SEE WHAT I SEE: An Emergency Trip of PYONG, talks about his journey across the globe.

Image credit: @Pycaptain

In his book, Doctor Kantapong reminds us that we have to take some rest, go on trips for our well being and do what we love.

Besides working as a medical doctor and avid traveller, Kanthapong also runs his own business, REGIS Plantopia, a store that sells hand-made plant pots. This business was inspired from his love for plant-keeping, which he developed during his quarantine.

Image credit: @Pycaptain

While it’s crucial to try to fit all of the tips that Dr. Kanthapong is imparting, stretching ourselves too thin may not be the best thing for our skin. 

For solutions on that front, we’d suggest reading on for the next specialist. 

5. Dr. Rueangritz “Ritz” Siriphanit – dermatologist & competitive singer

Never thought we’d be introducing Thailand’s Doctor-Singer, but here’s Dr. Rueangritz “Ritz” Siriphanit, who is not only a dermatologist, but also used to be a popular singer in Thailand.

Image credit: @Ritz_rueangritz

Although we don’t see him very often on the stage anymore, patients can book skin treatments with him. Dr. Ritz has his own clinic, named THE RITZ, which offers a wide range of skin therapies.

Image credit: @Ritz_rueangritz

Recently, he received the GAIN THAILAND GOT TRAINER 2021 award in a competition using fillers and botox organised by GALDERMA THAILAND, the world famous provider of cutting-edge skin products.

Image credit: @Ritz_rueangritz

Now that we know he’s medically capable, here’s more about his entertainment career. Dr. Ritz’s time under the spotlight started in 2010, when he was named the second runner up from the sixth season of The Star, one of Thailand’s most popular singing competition TV shows.

While we spend most of our time working, these Thai doctors prove that it’s possible to achieve work-life balance. Let’s take this next doctor as another example.

6. Dr. Ariyatash “Kang” Tungsanga – adventurer and advocate

During the day, Dr. Ariyatash “Kang” Tungsanga is an emergency doctor at a hospital in Bangkok. 

Image credit: @Kang_touch_this

When he’s not at the hospital, though, this guy loves travelling around the world and learning a variety of languages. Although, his most favourite hobby is trekking.

Image credit: @Kang_touch_this

It seems that Dr. Kang also enjoys keeping fit, as we often see him posting gym photos. 

Image credit: @Kang_touch_this

Fun fact: Dr. Kang has called himself a full-time ice cream binge eater. 

With healthy hobbies like trekking and frequenting fitness centres, this guy proves that you can certainly have your ice cream and eat it too.

Image credit: @Kang_touch_this

Speaking of eating, Dr. Kang also recently became an uncle, and regularly posts pictures and videos of his extremely adorable niece on his IG.

If you’re a fan of active doctors, read on and get to know our next candidate whose moves will make your heart palpitate.

7. Dr. Worapon “Bird” Likitwiwatkun – TikTok famous dancer 

We bet you’d never imagine seeing a funny cover-dancer on this list of Thai doctors. Well, maybe you did – if you have ever seen this funny doctor before on TikTok, we can definitely be friends. 

Doctor Worapon “Bird” Likitwiwatkun, a general internist at KK Clinic in Beung Karn province, became famous after his dance cover vids went viral on social media.

GIF: @หมอเบิร์ด วรพล

Doctor Bird is extremely dexterous, just look at his dance cover of Siren Love, the soundtrack of the popular Thai series, My Ambulance, and BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love.

We’re certainly impressed by his dance moves. However, we also admire how this medical professional doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. 

Image credit: @Dr.birdybird

This doctor labels himself “a funny person”. With his perfectly aligned smile and humorous personality that makes many patients – both existing and prospective – laugh for eight years, we knew right away that this doctor should be mentioned as one of our captivating doctors on our list.

Image credit: @Dr.birdybird

During his leisure time and when he’s not dancing, Dr. Bird is often seen either checking in the gym or playing volleyball with friends, which he says has become a major part of his life.

Just like Dr. Bird and the others on the list have shown, medical professionals aren’t always only working in the hospital. They can go out to follow other career paths.

8. Dr. Kanawat Chantaralawan – Politician doctor

It’s rare to see a medical doctor dabbling in an equally demanding profession, like politics. Well, we managed to find one doctor who can do both: Dr. Kanawat “Egg” Chantaralawan is an opthamologist that’s also active in Thailand’s Democratic Party.

Image credit: @Eggkanawat

In addition to working as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Egg is strongly committed to making structural changes in Thai society, thus leading to his campaign towards becoming a representative for the Democratic Party. 

In addition to their dedication to their careers, we admire these doctors’ dedication to practising what they preach and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Take Dr. Egg for example.

Image credit: @Eggkanawat

Doctor Egg runs marathons – which we all know is probably the hardest form of exercise. 

Side note: This doctor also used to be an actor and a model when he was young.
Image credit: Medhub News

Although he didn’t become a party representative, Dr. Egg was appointed as a member of the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO).

Image credit: @Eggkanawat

Talk about a man of many talents.

Stay healthy and pursue your passions just like these Thai doctors

What these eight charismatic Thai doctors have taught us is that there’s always time to do what you love, despite their hectic schedules.

Their commitment to their passions as well as their health inspires us to different avenues of interest as well as make exercising a higher priority – for fitness reasons, of course.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Nn.nino, @pierresira@Pycaptain

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