Thai Diner Allegedly Finds Cockroach Legs In 2 Cups Of Coffee, Eatery Apologises After Viral Post

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Thai diner allegedly finds cockroach legs in coffee

A few months ago, Thai netizens were shocked at the viral post on Facebook about a woman who discovered an earthworm in a hotpot.

Undoubtedly, this story explains why nothing can ruin a perfect meal more than the unexpected appearance of creepy creatures in dishes.

If you’re still not sure if that’s the case, here’s another story of a Thai diner who found cockroach’s legs in his cup of coffee.

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Diner spots roach legs twice in a cup of coffee

A Facebook post by Dunyawat Lerdanantawong became a hot issue discussed on social media in Thailand after he complained about his unexpected experience at Mo-Mo-Paradise, a shabu-shabu restaurant, at Esplanade Ratchada, on 12th March 2022.

This diner allegedly claimed that he spotted cockroach’s legs floating in his cup of coffee after he got the drink from the coffee maker. He then told the staff to check if there were cockroaches inside.

coffee cockroach shabu restaurant
Image credit: Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

Shortly after the machine was checked, the diner alleged that roach legs were still found floating in his second cup of coffee.

“I thought the coffee maker was ready to be used since diners are allowed to order drinks as usual. But, it turned out that there were even more roach legs in my second cup of coffee”, wrote the Facebook user.

coffee cockroach shabu restaurant
Image credit: Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

Later, the admin of the restaurant’s Facebook page apologised to the customer, following the diner’s complaints, via Facebook Messenger.

The admin also explained that cockroaches may have hid themselves in the coffee vending machine, as the restaurant had been sprayed with pesticides the day before.

Netizens express their shock at the incident

As expected, the diner’s experience quickly went viral on Facebook, garnering over 7.6K likes, drawing comments from many Facebook users.

Screenshot: Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

Translation: I got goosebumps.

One Facebook user commented that she got goosebumps after reading the post.

Screenshot: Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

Translation: Add 1 gram of protein

Another netizen jokingly commented that the addition of insect legs might be a way to increase protein intake in coffee.

Screenshot: Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

Translation: I understand you. I once experienced something similar. I found a cockroach in a hotpot, and I reported this to the manager of the restaurant. He only changed the pot and gave me more time to eat. This happened 3-4 years ago before the Covid-19 situation when there were not many people.

Finally, one Facebook user also shared that he had experienced something similar before in the comments section.

We hope the restaurant finds a solution soon

We really hope that the restaurant owner will soon find a solution to the root cause of this problem, and ensure that all dishes and drinks are pest-free in the future.

Most of all, that eateries constantly strive to create a clean environment for diners to enjoy their food with a peace of mind.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Dunyawat Lerdanantawong

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