They had no money for bus fares

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People are travelling home to be with their families due to the COVID-19 crisis. While some have enough money to take a ride home, others go on foot because they have no choice.

On 9th June, locals spotted a couple from Nakhon Ratchasima travelling on foot. They were planning to walk 186 miles to see a sick family member in the Phetchabun province.

The couple walked for 18.6M before resting

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Image credit: The Nation

On Tuesday, 48-year-old Somkit Tothongkrang set out on foot with his 47-year-old wife, after hearing his mother was ill.

The couple walked from their home in the Phimai district in Nakhon Ratchasima to Phetchabun province, which is 186 miles (300 km) in distance. They walked as far as 18.6 miles (30 km) before taking a break.

The locals gave them money and a ride home

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The locals gave them food and ฿1200 before they sent them on their way
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Mr. Somkit explained that they lost their jobs and had no money but were too afraid to ask for help.

Fortunately for them, locals noticed and called the rescue staff, who drove them to the bus terminal where the couple rode the rest of the way home. Mr. Somkit reportedly said the journey would have taken them 4-5 days on foot.

Getting there together

There are others like the couple making similar treks home with no money for transportation.

But rest assured, they are not struggling alone, as it will be awhile before businesses recover from the COVID-19 crisis and jobs resume. Hopefully, they will make it home safely.

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