Thai couple wheels a cart of coins to buy gold

When we think of the act of buying gold jewelry, we usually assume that it’s a privilege reserved for the ultra rich who may pay for their hauls with a swipe of their credit card.

The staff of this gold shop in Nakhon Ratchasima, however, may not have expected customers to arrive with a shopping cart full of bags of coins as a payment for gold.

Here’s how the story of a Thai couple, who wheeled a cart of coins into a shop to buy gold, played out.

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Thai couple visits gold shop with several bags of coins

On 27th November 2021, a video of a couple who wheeled a cart of coins to buy gold at Ung Heng Lii T21 gold shop went viral after it was posted on the TikTok account @unghengliit21.

ซื้อทอง 4 บาท ยอดเกือบแสนสอง เหรียญล้วนๆ #ร้านทองอึ้งเฮงหลีt21โคราช #เทอร์มินอล21โคราช #ทองแท้เยาวราช #ทอง965 #เหรียญ #นับเหรียญวนไป

ซื้อทอง 4 บาท ยอดเกือบแสนสอง เหรียญล้วนๆ #ร้านทองอึ้งเฮงหลีt21โคราช #เทอร์มินอล21โคราช #ทองแท้เยาวราช #ทอง965 #เหรียญ #นับเหรียญวนไป

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Apparently, the arrival of the couple occurred shortly after the staff told them that the shop accepts payment by coins.

GIF: @unghengliit21

The couple then brought 24 bags of coins worth ฿120,000 (~USD3,558.72) to the gold shop the next day–surprising all the staff with the unexpected payment method.

Staff take 2 hours to finish counting the coins

At this point of the story, you may be curious about which gold pieces they chose to buy.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

According to Sanook, the couple bought:

  • 1-Baht weight of a gold necklace
  • 3-Baht weight of a gold necklace
  • 4-Baht weight of a gold necklace — worth ฿110,000 (~USD3,262.84)

For context, Baht is a measurement referring to weight of a gold in Thailand. One Baht is equal to approximately 15.244 g.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

With the unexpected arrival of the large amount of coins, it took 2 hours for the staff to finish counting them.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

For this reason, the staff made an announcement on the video’s comment section that those customers who want to make payment by coins are required to tell the staff a day before buying.

Netizens admire staff’s spirit in counting the coins

After the clip went viral on TikTok, many netizens shared their comments about the story.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

Translation: It’s still money anyway.

One netizen commented that no matter how many coins there were, they still had value.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

Translation: Lucky for you guys that it’s just a 4-Baht gold necklace. If it’s 10-Baht of gold necklace, the staff may only be able to sell one gold necklace.

Another netizen shared her thoughts that if the gold necklace’s prices were higher, it may have taken a whole day to finish counting the coins.

Screenshot: @unghengliit21

Translation: This gold shop is so cool, and staff actually accept payment by coins. Other shops may not accept coins for sure.

One TikToker praised the shop for being “cool” and accepting payment not only by cash, but also by coins.

Show these staff some TLC for their hard work

With this story going viral, it’s possible that the gold shop may have more clients in the future — willing and able to pay for their goods in coins.

We hope that the staff will be ready, and will be fairly compensated, to serve customers that may spring up with other surprise requests.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @unghengliit21

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