Thai coffee shop lets customers make their own drinks

When we do business in our society, we have both buyers and sellers. Usually, sellers are expected to provide services or products – satisfying their customers in the hope that they’ll return as future patrons. However, this coffee shop’s owner will change your mind about the typical buyer-seller relationship. The enterprising boss lets her customers make their own drinks with provided recipes.

This story is about a coffee shop in Nakhon Sawan that went viral lately on the news because the owner put up a sign telling customers to brew their own beverages with recipes and instructions on how to use the equipment. Let’s find out how her strategy paid off.

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Thai coffee shop provides recipes for customers

Image credit: 77khaoded

Recently, a coffee shop in Nakhon Sawan made the headlines when it was reported that the stall’s owner decided to put up a sign for her customers. On it were recipes and instructions for making and packing their drinks, including how to pay and get change. Besides mixing their own drinks, patrons were also tasked with trying to prepare their own quail egg pancakes, if they wished to buy some, reported Khaosod on 27th June 2022.

Image credit: Thairath

You may be wondering why the boss decided to entrust the running of the stall to – of all people – her customers. The owner shared that the reason was because she was often away from the stall as she had to deliver orders to customers at distant places.

She was worried that when other regulars came and didn’t see her, they would leave. Hence, she came up with the idea of letting customers serve themselves, according to Thairath.

Drop by this coffee shop if you’re in Nakhon Sawan

Image credit: Nationtv

If you find this interesting and want to experiment with different recipes to make your own drinks, pay a visit to this shop. The store is situated below Dechatiwongse Bridge on Ko Si Tai Road in the city, next to the Chao Phraya River, so you can buy a drink and hang around to see the river for a bit.

Learn their recipes and open your own coffee stall?

We’re pleasantly surprised that this kind of service exists in our country. In any case, this story is hilarious in the sense that if her regular customers learn how to make drinks by practicing at her store daily, they may even become such expert baristas that they’ll be ready to open their own coffee shops.

We’re also glad that she came up with a pretty good idea to earn money while she’s away from the stall, and that her customers are okay with that. Maybe if we have a coffee shop in the future, we can try doing this too. Hopefully, we won’t fail to keep our customers coming back.

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