Thai celebrity inspires the LGBTQ+ community

Thai LGBTQ+ celebrity joins boxing TV show
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The LGBTQ+ community in Thailand has come a long way from what it was in the past. People are more comfortable with expressing themselves, and opportunities are being provided to people based on their abilities and not who they are.

This Thai celebrity decided to take part in a game show to do his part in breaking gender boundaries.

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Rusameekea to join 10Fight10 boxing challenge

Rusameekae will join Boxing TV show 10 Fight 10

Image credit: @rusameekae

Rusameekae “James” Fagerlund is an LGBTQ+ celebrity, who is well-known from TV series Club Friday, announced that he will be joining the 2nd season of the boxing TV show 10Fight10.  

A few days before the event, he posted a question on his Instagram page: “10Fight10 Season 2 – can I?”

This garnered a lot of responses from fans and fellow celebrities cheering him up and telling him to go for it.

Thai LGBTQ+ celebrity joins boxing TV show

His fans were excited to see that Rusameekae, who identifies as gay, confirmed his attendance on the show. His caption read: “Don’t just believe in my words. I’m not an expert, but I’ll work hard and be focused. In sports, the winner is the one whom has trained very hard – no matter their gender. I’ll try my best – root for me.” 

Wants to fight for gender equality

Thai LGBTQ+ celebrity joins boxing TV show

Image credit: @rusameekae

Rusameekae shared that he joined the boxing match to show that the LGBTQ+ community is equal to everyone else with the same abilities. He also mentioned that it’s not nice to make fun of others just to feel good. 

In an interview with Hong Khao Banteng, he said, “Like in the Olympic games, we don’t really know the gender [or orientation] of each athlete, and it doesn’t matter because the champion is the person who is dedicated and has practiced.”

Rusameekae Thai LGBTQ+ celebrity

Image credit: @rusameekae

He also added, “I don’t see this as entertainment and I don’t want to be famous from it. I just want to step out of my limits and make a change. It isn’t important that I’m going to win or lose, but that I still have a chance to practice.” 

Garnered support and encouragement from friends and fans

Many friends and fans came together to give Rusameekae compliments and support for his actions. Many said that they’d be looking forward to cheering for him, and that they’d even be at the stadium to show him their support. 

Netizens cheers up LGBTQ+ celebrity to go on boxing TV show

Looking forward to cheering for you
I’m rooting for you!
Go for it

10Fight10 is a boxing TV show that’s just ended its first season this year. The show is known for inviting Thai celebrities who are not professional boxers into the boxing ring and is popular among the locals.

The schedule of the show’s 2nd season has not been released yet, but Rusameekae’s post shows us how exciting it is going to be.

Moreover, this helps raise awareness to society that the LGBTQ+ community is more than their stereotypes, and we can’t wait for him to help prove this to the world.

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