Buffaloes on motorway in Thailand

It’s common to see buffalos around Thailand – they’re precious for many Thai families and are seen as both pets and labour animals. However, it’s not everyday that a family of three buffaloes run loose on a motorway in Bangkok. 

Animals on the loose

A buffalo family of three 

On 31st March 2021, motorists spotted a buffalo family of three – two calves and one mother – on a motorway near Ramkhamhaeng.

The National Emergency Team reported that the mother buffalo and her two male calves appeared out of nowhere, and confidently strolled along the motorway. It was assumed that they entered from Tub Chang toll booth entrance. 

Three Buffaloes Caught Making Their Way Downtown On One Of Thailand’s Busiest MotorwaysImage credit: Amarin TV

In order to herd the buffaloes to safety, motorway staff had to close the toll booth entrance to Route 9 of the very busy motorway, causing congested traffic, reported Amarin TV

Three Buffaloes Caught Making Their Way Downtown On One Of Thailand’s Busiest MotorwaysOne of the buffalos that was evacuated by a crane truck
Image credit: Amarin TV

The National Emergency Team opted to direct the animals towards the barricade and away from traffic before herding the buffaloes to an empty motorway lane, where they were carried out via crane truck. 

Be careful whilst driving

You’ll never know when animals may be running loose: It’s important to keep an eye out whilst driving, because you never know when buffalos, kangaroos, or deer cross the road. 

If you ever come across this situation yourself, you can reach out to the emergency hotline 1669 who will direct you to medical care.

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Cover images adapted from: Amarin TV (Left), JS100 Radio (Right)

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