Fun weddings in Thailand 

Weddings are a big day and one of the best moments where everybody we love comes together to celebrate. In Thailand, weddings are a full-day affair, with extravagant parties at night after the traditional ceremony in the morning is done. 

Let’s see how one group of Thai bridesmaids celebrated, which made netizens want to join in the fun!

Danced in the mud in their dresses

On 18th October 2020, a group of close friends were celebrating the wedding of one of their BFFs. However, there was a huge storm and no thanks to the rain, the event venue was filled with water and mud. 

Bridesmaids dance in mud

Their looks during the morning ceremony
Image credit: Tatar Tatar 

After spending time worrying about their pretty dresses for the morning ceremony, it was time for them to enjoy and celebrate their friend’s big day. 

Bridesmaids dance in mud

Costumes changed and ready to go
Image credit: Kawintida Thongkot 

Bridesmaids dance in mud

Finished look on the dance floor!
Image credit: ช่อลดา คอลึก 

The bridesmaids then went on to dance in the mud without worrying about ruining their dresses, just to add a lighthearted mood to the dampened wedding sitch. They even invited the bride to join the muddy dancefloor too. 

Bridesmaids dance in mud

The bride also joined the dance floor in her wedding dress
Image credit: ช่อลดา คอลึก  

Bridesmaids dance in mud

Images adapted from: ช่อลดา คอลึก

Netizens wanted to join in the fun

After sharing their photos online, their experience soon went viral across the net. Many netizens commented that they were cute and funny, and some also tagged their best friends to get some ideas for future parties.

comments from netizens


Translation: See! Do you want one? 

Bridesmaids dance in mud


Translation: We should buy our own dress. Don’t rent it, and we will do this.

Thai netisens


Translation: Is this a real wedding? That looks very fun! 

We’re happy to see that these ladies had a great time together despite the circumstances, and wholesome news like this is always nice to see.

Rain won’t be a difficulty anymore – So share this with your future bridesmaids! 

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Featured image adapted from: Tatar Tatar, Kawintida Thongkot, and ช่อลดา คอลึก 

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