Thai Bride Leads Khan Mak Procession, Brings ฿12M & Engagements Gifts To Groom’s House

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Thai bride leads Khan Mak procession

In Thai culture, the Khan Mak parade is an essential part of wedding traditions where the groom and his family are required to lead the parade carrying valuable items and cash to the bride’s house.

This pre-wedding ceremony is to prove that the groom is able to financially support and take care of his bride throughout the rest of his life.

However, it seems like customs do have a curious way of reinventing themselves. Here’s the story of a confident Thai bride who led her Khan Mak procession to her groom instead.

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Thai bride spotted carrying engagement gifts to the groom’s house

On 13th March 2022, the story of a bride named Pitchaya Panomai, who led her Khan Mak parade to her groom, made rounds on social media in Thailand.

bride Khan Mak procession 2022
Image credit: Sanook

The pre-wedding ceremony took place at Khon Kaen International Convention & Exhibition Center (KICE) where the 33-year-old bride, family, and her friends in red outfits took part in the parade to carry trays of gifts and a dowry worth ฿12 million (~USD358,820) to the groom inside the hall.

bride Khan Mak procession 2022
Image credit: Sanook

Pitchaya revealed that she couldn’t wait to tie the knot, so she decided to lead the Khan Mak procession to the groom instead. She also further shared that it’s unnecessary for only grooms to typically head the procession. She believes that brides can also do the parade as well.

Image credit: Ch3 Plus

According to Ch3 Plus, the dowry included cash worth ฿2 million (~USD59,790), gold and diamond accessories worth ฿500,000 (~USD15,000), a title deed of 2 acres of land worth ฿500,000 (~USD15,000), BMW cars worth ฿2.8 million (~USD84,000), and a house worth ฿7 million (~USD209,400).

This made for an impressive total of ฿12 million (~USD358,820), as proof of her commitment to her partner.

Netizens congratulate newlyweds on their wedding

After the story was shared online, many netizens congratulated the newlyweds on their wedding.

Screenshot: เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้

Translation: Congratulations.

Screenshot: เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้

Translation: Congrats!

These two netizens were among hundreds that shared their congratulatory messages towards the newlyweds.

Screenshot: เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้

Translation: I better find money first. LOL

One Facebook user jokingly commented that she should save the money first before offering to wed her partner in marriage.

A groundbreaking step in Thailand’s wedding traditions

The bride in the story has made a groundbreaking step in reinventing Thailand’s wedding traditions. We applaud her courage in offering financial stability to her groom, and wish the couple all the very best in their marriage journey.

With this example, we believe that other women in Thailand will also be empowered to seek equal opportunities to express their love and commitment to their significant others.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Sanook, Sanook, Ch3 Plus

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