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Thailand is famous for many things, and Boy’s Love, or BL, shows are one of them. No matter if it’s the hot bods, the great chemistry between the characters or the happy endings that most stories offer, Thai BL shows are becoming a widely watched genre, even among international viewers.

If you’re not quite convinced yet, try out these 7 Thai BL shows that we’ve compiled for you to binge on Netflix, just in time for the final celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

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1. 2gether: The Series – Pror Rao Koo Gun

Adapted from a fanfiction by the writer, JittiRain, on Dek-D – a Thai webboard popular among high school students – Pror Rao Koo Gun, or 2gether: The Series, is known as the “gateway” to BL dramas. 

The series follows two college boys – both with pretty faces. Tine is a trendy student on the hunt for his soulmate, while Sarawat, a popular guitarist, prefers to keep to himself.   

From the description itself, viewers know they’re in for major “opposites attract” tropes.
Image credit: TV Maga

Tine is being incessantly pursued by Green. To try to rebuff his admirer and convince Green that he is unavailable, Tine persuades Sarawat into becoming his fake boyfriend. Sarawat eventually agrees after several encounters with Tine.

In between the witty banter, honest conversations, and “fake” displays of affections, audience members are taken on a journey towards love with these two characters.

Image credit: Rurubu

2gether: The Series is a tale about an unexpected romance between two people that couldn’t be more different from each other. The wholesome romance will surely melt your heart right through your core. Also, those who are nostalgic for their carefree college days should definitely add this show to their list.  

2. Love by Chance – Bang Ern Rak

Bang Ern RakLove By Chance in English – is another fanfic-based show that focuses on an accidental love story. TBH, we think it might just be the best kind of romantic plotlines.

Compared to 2gether: The Series, which offers a more lighthearted and wholesome vibe, Bang Ern Rak’s storyline has a bit more twists and turns.

Pete, a university student from a wealthy family, has trouble trusting other people. It’s because of his rich background that he’s often taken advantage of by significant others, making it hard for Pete to believe in the authenticity of love. But that all changes one day, purely “by chance”.

We find ourselves in a meet-cute right in the beginning of the show where Ae, a student from the engineering faculty, bumps into Pete with a bike.

Image credit: Daily Motion

The two then continue to meet “coincidentally”.

After learning that Pete is being blackmailed by his ex, Ae jumps into help like a prince on a white horse – the two build a deep bond throughout the many obstacles they face.

Although, whatever confidence and rapport they’ve developed from overcoming hurdles hasn’t helped them to be bold enough to share the feelings they have for each other. Just initially, of course.

Image credit: Daily Motion

If you want to know how their love unfolds, give Love By Chance a shot. It’s def a recommendation for those who find beauty in a love that starts out with a friendship. 

Bang Ern Rak now has two seasons. For K-Drama fans, we heard that its sequel is even reminiscent of the popular show, Boys Over Flowers, that portrays a classic match between a rich boy and sweet, innocent character.

3. TharnType: The Series – Kliad Nak Ma Rak Gun Sa Dee Dee

Kliad Nak Ma Rak Gun Sa Dee Dee, also known as TharnType: The Series, is one wild ride. In the show, viewers get to see high-strung tension and sizzling chemistry so strong that it soon emotions eventually morph into affection between two college roommates.

Our main character Type has feelings of prejudice toward gay people: he immediately requests that Tharn – his roommate – move out upon after learning that he’s gay. But, Tharn makes it clear to Type that his discrimination not Tharn’s problem.

Image credit: SIMKL

The two engage in a mini war, throwing mucks at each other whenever they’re together.

Image credit: Thairath

Eventually, like battle brothers, Tharn and Type begins to shift their relationship into something more romantic, and even erotic. Sorry, children.” *Uncle Roger’s voice*

What’s noteworthy about TharnType is that the show makes a point to raise awareness about the unnecessary hate towards LGBTQ+ people, and reinforces the fact that same-sex love is not wrong.

For those who love a good fight before the romance kicks in, TharnType: The Series is just the perfect show for you. Just be ready to have a pillow by your side to clutch onto for those spicy, butterfly moments.

4. Together With Me – Okhak Ma Rak Kap Phom

If you’ve heard of Bad Romance: The Series, and wonder where the romance between the main characters, Knock and Korn, begin, you’ll be glad to hear that Okhak Ma Rak Kap PhomTogether With Me in English – is the prequel for it.

While the journey of Korn and Knock take centre stage, audiences are met with not only one couple, but three, who are trying to navigate school, friendship and love. 

Screenshot: Line TV

It might be a surprise to Bad Romance fans that Knock and Korn weren’t exactly gay in the beginning. They started off as childhood buddies who woke up one day to find themselves lying naked beside each other, and decided to keep their relationship under wraps.

Image credit: Naewna

The two then go through a series of obstacles, involving heartbreaks, before they can finally admit their deep affection for each other and become “official”.

Together With Me is highly recommended if you’re someone who fancies a love miracle between two old friends and the complexity that comes with realizing your true identity.

5. Love Sick: The Series – Rak Wun Wai Roon Saeb

Talking about complexity, Rak Wun Wai Roon Saeb, or Love Sick: The Series, is just the show for those who love to dissect complicated relationships. We’re not sure if it’s the setting in an all-male school, or the events that work like a maze in this tale of love that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Phun, who’s already in a relationship, tries to get out of a love match made by his father. He asked for his sister’s help but received a hard “no”.

Image credit: 9 MCOT Official

Not giving up, Phun asks out Noh for assistance. Seeing that Noh’s sister Pang is into BL fiction, Phun sees Noh as his best bet at a pretend- boyfriend.  

Noh reluctantly agrees after Phun promises to come up with the funds that Noh needs for his music club.

After successfully convincing Pang into helping her brother, Phun continues to “date” his girlfriend and becomes close friends with Noh.

Screenshot: 9 MCOT Official

It then takes over two seasons for the two characters to finally find their way towards stable footing, which involves a lot of fighting and betrayals among several characters in the series. Perfect for those who are into slow-burn love stories. 

If you’re into the dynamics of school love stories, then check out Love Series to see what kind of obstacles the two characters have to go through, as well as how they ultimately come out to their friends.

6. SOTUS: The Series – Phi Wak Tuarai Kap Nai Pi Nueng

Despite many infamous university hazing stories, it seems that love can sometimes grow out of such a heated environment, as can be seen here in Phi Wak Tuarai Kap Nai Pi Nueng, or SOTUS: The Series.

Freshman Kongpob is unhappy with the hazing activities provided by his seniors. Little did he know that he would soon fall in love with the head hazer, Arthit.

Image credit: Olsen

Before that could happen, the two initially fight a lot during the freshman welcoming events. One of the incidents involves Kongpob standing face to face with Arthit to illustrate just how much he disagrees with a hazing task.

The tension soon leads to a clash between the seniors and the juniors.

Image credit: Teen Diary

Things, however, change after Kongpob discovers that Arthit lives across from his building. The little things that Kongpob sees Arthit do helps him to see his senior in a new light.  Through many encounters, unresolved conflict slowly dissolve and ultimately transform into an affection.

SOTUS is a show for those who have an itch for a senior-junior romance. Plus, binging the series will be like a throwback to days when you were crushing on your run pee that everyone warned you to stay away from.

Bonus: Sweet Boy

Here’s a “bonus” for those who really want to get into Thai BL content. Sweet Boy, An LGBTQ+ coming of age film, is def worth the watch for those who are too impatient to follow an entire series.

The story follows a highschool senior, Nack, and is yet again set in an all-boys school. As an only child to a single mother, Nack works harder than other students at his school, as he has the extra pressure to ensure he can provide for his mother in the future.

Screenshot: Netflix

Nack is just an ordinary boy who lives an ordinary life until he stumbled upon two boys doing the deed in the bathroom of the school’s swimming pool. It is in that moment that he discovered his sexual identity that orientates toward boys.

Image credit: GagaOOLala

Nack then goes through several obstacles including the stress of getting into university and the complications – and excitement – that come with figuring out his sexual identity in the form of Toy – a classmate who he later falls in love with.

If you’re into the Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens kind of vibe, Sweet Boy might just be the coming of age movie for you to remind yourself of one of the most confusing, yet bittersweet times in your life that is adolescence.

“Love is love”

From school to university settings, simple conversations where bonds are created to one pretty face pressed up against another pretty face, this list of BL has it all and will def get your knees wobbling. Even for a first timer like me.

What we can also grasp from all these BL series is that “love is love”, and it reminds us of a beautiful thing we humans are capable of eliciting.

Do we have any fans of BL here? If so, share with us your favourite show in the comments below.

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Cover images adapted from (clockwise from top left): Rurubu, Film Daily, Olsen, Dek-D

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