Thai barber opens a shop in the woods

The Covid-19 outbreak has definitely affected many businesses in Thailand, and by extension our entire economy.

Barbershops are one of many enterprises that has been affected due to the rising prices of rental, and electricity bills. Some businesses are also affected by a drop in the number of customers, thanks to lesser footfall.

In Ratchaburi, a hardworking Thai barber decided to open a shop in the woods because he couldn’t afford to pay rent for his rental space.

Keep reading to see how his business has been going.

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A barbershop in the woods

On 28th April 2022, it was reported that a barbershop was spotted in the woods in Ratchaburi. Instead of regular leather recliners, bamboo beds for hair washing were used for customers, according to Sanook.

Image credit: naewna

The owner explained that he used to have an actual shop space, but the rent was expensive. In addition, he also got fewer customers than before, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since his income didn’t support his expenses, he decided to open a shop in the woods instead. And to save money on electricity bills, he uses a solar panel in place of electricity.

Thai barberImage credit: naewna

Many passers-by found his shop unusual and decided to drop by for a haircut. Several customers shared that they were satisfied with his shop, commenting that it was airy and looked green.

Affordable haircuts in a bamboo forest

Thai barberImage credit: naewna

To sweeten the deal, apparently prices for regular haircuts and services are rather cheap. For haircuts, it is ฿60 for adults, ฿50 for teens, and ฿30 for kids. Additionally, customers can have their hair washed for ฿20.

The boss of the place provided his phone number for booking an appointment in advance as well. You can contact him at this number, +66 09-2797-4465.

Getting a haircut in a hidden barbershop

Generally, it is rare to find a barbershop in the woods like this. That’s because most of us will doubt that it’ll go well, especially if the hair salon isn’t located in a place with heavy footfall.

We think that this barber’s creative solution to higher rental costs, is definitely is a good way to add value to his business. Since it’s a novel experience to have a haircut in the woods, let us know if you think it’s worth visiting in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): naewna

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