Thai Bank Worker Catches A Gecko With Her Bare Hands, Netizens Dub Her A Hero

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Thai bank worker catches a gecko in Khon Kaen

Many of us may categorise geckos as an icky animal that we would prefer not to touch.

But while the gecko is well-known for its shifty eyes, cold skin and sometimes powerful bite, one particular lizard was no match for this Thai lady in Khon Kaen. She was brave enough to single-handedly nab a gecko in a bank with her bare hands.

Now, let’s take a closer look at why netizens have dubbed her a “hero”, and how she managed to catch the chonky reptile without the use of any equipment.

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Chonky gecko plans a surprise visit to Krungthai Bank

On Thursday, a reptilian visitor decided to surprise the workers at Krungthai Bank in Khon Kaen with an ‘inspection’ on 7th October 2021.

A chonky gecko had crawled onto the glass wall at the entrance of the bank, startling many bank workers who had no idea how to deal with their unexpected guest.

This was captured in a TikTok video uploaded by @maluko555 which went viral quickly.



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Because nobody knew where the security guard was, one brave female employee decided to do something risky.

Thai bank worker singlehandedly catches the gecko

GIF: Maluko5555

She left the bank’s premises and cornered the gecko from behind.

Grabbing the large gecko singlehandedly, she lifted it away from the glass wall while her colleague recorded the incident on camera.

Now, you may think that the woman must have released the gecko into the wild, but she did exactly the opposite.

Tickles gecko’s belly in front of the camera

GIF: Maluko5555

The brave woman went back into the bank with the gecko in her hands.

She then proceeded to show off the gecko in front of the camera, tickling its tummy.

We’re not sure how her colleagues reacted after that, but we can agree she is one brave woman indeed.

Netizens praise the brave woman and dub her a hero

After the clip was uploaded on TikTok, many netizens shared their hilarious comments on the clip and praised the woman for her bravery.

Translation: Please let me go humans. I cannot breathe.
Screenshot: @Maluko5555

One viewer wrote in on behalf of the gecko, begging the woman to let it go because it “cannot breathe”.

Screenshot: @Maluko5555

Another viewer commented “Mom, I found you daughter-in-law. She can protect me.”  This was a tongue-in-cheek reference to how they felt that the woman was brave and marriage-worthy material.

Regardless of the reactions, we believe that all bank workers in Khon Kaen have learned one valuable lesson.

Always be prepared for a gecko’s return

We think that workers in the bank should definitely be prepared for the gecko’s return, sometime soon. Of course, we also hope that the chonky lizard in this story was released safely and has found his way home.

Would you be game to catch a lizard with your bare hands? Let us know what you’d do in this situation in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from: @Maluko5555

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