Medic provides fake vaccine

With the recent spike in coronavirus cases, Thai citizens are hoping for a new way to combat the disease and its effects – it was impossible to have a conversation in Thailand without hearing ‘Covid-19’ or ‘vaccine’. 

A medic from the Royal Thai Army responded to these fears by providing ‘vaccines’ to troops on a United Nations (UN) mission in South Sudan. 

An ‘official order’ from the head doctor

The unnamed Royal Thai Army medic allegedly sold Covid-19 and flu ‘vaccines‘ for ฿500 (~USD16.47) to troops under the pretense that they were ordered from the head doctor, shares The Thaiger

Medic provides fake vaccine

An internal investigation showed that the troops – 250 of which were Thai – received injections filled with saline solution or tetanus vaccines from the field medic

Medic provides fake vaccine
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The medic also happens to be a lieutenant in the Royal Thai Army and part of the Thai-South Sudan Horizontal Military Engineering Company. A source from the Army states that his actions are “a serious disciplinary offence and also violates ethical standards as the wrongdoer is a doctor.” 

The Bangkok Military Court has issued a warrant for his arrest. They’ve further reported the incident to the Medical Council of Thailand with the intention of revoking the doctor’s medical license, reported the Bangkok Post

The army also sent his case to the Medical Council of Thailand, seeking the withdrawal of his license to practise medicine, he said.


Medic provides fake vaccine
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Covid-19 fears run amuck

With the novel coronavirus being, indeed, novel in the world, it’s expected that people would be anxious for something that could protect them from the ailment.

The best way to maintain your physical – and mental – health is to follow all safety protocols including washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask. 

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