“Be Our Guest Be Our Crew”

Thai Airways is doing all that it can to boost finances after it declared bankruptcy due to multiple issues like failed management, internal corruption, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beside opening a restaurant and selling street snacks, the airline and its training school, Thai Flight Training Academy, launched a programme called “Be Our Guest Be Our Crew” for the public. 

For ฿2,900 (~USD93), everyone who ever dreamed of being a Thai flight attendant can now make it come true – for a day. 

Full costume and training provided

Image credit: Janjaree Sawangsang

In this programme, you’ll get to spend 4 hours getting a crash course on how to become a Thai cabin crew, as well as wearing the airline’s signature uniform while in an actual cabin set-up. 

The training includes how to greet customers, fix your posture, conduct safety demonstrations, and serve food in business class.  

Image credit: Business English PNRU

The best part is that you can bring one of your friends or family members as a passenger, so you can serve them with delicious food and snacks provided by the airline.

In the end, you’ll also get to walk around an impressive mockup of an Airbus A380, which is a great way to ease the itch of the need to travel.

Other programmes available

Image credit: Thai Airways

If becoming a flight attendant is not your thing, you may check out the airline’s other programmes:

  • Through The Pilot’s Eyes With Flight Simulator, a 4-day training as a pilot (฿19,900, ~USD635).
  • Safe Flight, Save Lives, a 1-and-a-half-day safety training (฿5,500, ~USD175).
  • Cook Like Thai, Dine From Chef, a 1-day cooking training (฿5,500, ~USD175).

“Be Our Guest Be Our Crew” is definitely a fun and educational activity to do if you have time and want to support our national airline.

For more information, dial +66-97-048-0980 or Thai Flight Training Academy.

Featured images adapted from: Business English PNR and The Unique Aquaholic

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