SushiNa has massive beef donburi bowls

Our love for Japanese restaurants in Thailand – be it during work lunches or meeting our friends on weekends – will never cease. This is mostly because of the cuisine’s loyalty to bringing out natural flavours with quality ingredients.

After our visit to SushiNa, however, we did not only return home with full stomachs, but also memories of indulging in an entire mountain of seasoned beef atop their signature donburi bowl.

Here’s what else the quaint Bangkok eatery has to offer, and what to expect if you’re headed down for a visit.

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SushiNa is a Japanese eatery near Rama 9 MRT station

SushiNa is a small Japanese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Fortune Tower. It’s well-known for its giant donburi bowls and a variety of traditional Japanese dishes.

Just a 5-minute walk from MRT’s Rama 9 Station, we quickly found ourselves in a brightly lit space with authentic Japanese-style booths.

Each table inside the eatery was separated with a wooden-glass partition decorated with traditional Japanese cloth paintings.

The overhanging Sakura branches and shrubbery certainly helped to recreate the soothing ambience of restaurants in Japan rather successfully.

What to order at SushiNa

For those wondering what SushiNa means, it’s a combination of the words Sushi and a Thai particle “Na” – a common phrase used to affirm something.

Besides the titular sushi listed as a staple on the menu, other items covered a wide range of side dishes & mains with prices starting from ฿79 (~USD2.37).

What caught our attention at first glance was the unusual size of Khao Na Nua Lava ฿349 (~USD10.45), so we decided to go with this signature dish.

When the donburi arrived at our table, courtesy of the server, we were stunned at a mountain of beef laid on top of the rice. The massive beef bowl was served with a soft boiled egg on the side.

Standing as tall as the palm of our hand, the bowl apparently contains 400 grams of seasoned beef. You can also expect generous sprinkles of sesame, tobiko, and seaweed to crown the meat ‘mountain’.

Overall, the meat was well sliced and thoroughly seasoned, offering a meaty and umami flavor profile in every mouthful.

The tender beef also delivered a soft texture, which was complemented by the crunchy flying fish roe, sesame, and dried seaweed.

There was no doubt that the portion size was truly satisfying, and that our meat cravings were satiated. But there was one last surprise in store.

The lightly poached egg is usually served separately for good reason. Diners can add the egg in and pop it with your chopsticks, watching the egg yolk flow down like ‘lava’.

We highly suggest placing the egg on top of the beef mountain, allowing the runny yolk to complement the beef’s tenderness.

Needless to say, the sight of this beef mountain and yolk volcano will make for an exciting Boomerang or TikTok snapshot of the experience.

Visit SushiNa for sashimi bowls & donburi lunches

Just 5 minutes from MRT’s Rama 9 station, SushiNa is very convenient to visit and a decent spot to satisfy any last-minute Japanese food cravings.

Bearing in mind SushiNa’s generous portions, make sure you head to the restaurant on an empty stomach, clad in loose tops & belts. With this dress code, hopefully your attire will be able to cover your full tummy when you finish your meal.

SushiNa Fortune Town
Address: 2nd Floor, Fortune Town, Bangkok, Ratchadaphisek Rd, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri, 11AM – 8:30PM (Last order at 8:15PM)
Nearest Train Station: Rama 9 MRT
Telephone: +66 6 5543 5449
SushiNa’s Facebook | Google Maps

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