Maintenance team surprises housekeeper with ‘bonus’

They say that colleagues can either make or break your workplace experience.

Having a team who encourages you through your professional development is truly an underrated element that can make working long hours a treat rather than a chore.

While any type support is truly invaluable, there are some colleagues that take the term to a whole ‘nother level. Take these office staff members in Thailand, who found a way to show their appreciation for one of their colleagues that ended with tears of joy.

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Housekeeper called in for ‘critique’

On 5th February 2022, a video was of a housekeeper who was called in by office staff who were “disappointed” with her performance was posted by TikToker, @namiangel26.

#hnyย้อนหลัง🎉🎊 #แกงป้าแล้วหนึ่ง #แกงป้าหม้อใหญ่ #แกงหม้อใหญ่

#hnyย้อนหลัง🎉🎊 #แกงป้าแล้วหนึ่ง #แกงป้าหม้อใหญ่ #แกงหม้อใหญ่

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The housekeeper was told that a customer would be bringing up her actions with the business’s higher-ups, unless she called the number written inside an envelope that was handed to her.

housekeeper surprise 2
Screenshot: @namiangel26

Stunned, the housekeeper immediately opened the envelope. However, instead of finding the phone number of a disgruntled customer, she found cash and cried out, “What is this?”.

Screenshot: @namiangel26

Quickly after opening the envelope, the housekeeper started crying. *Oops*

The staff members quickly apologised for such a harsh prank, and asked if she was crying tears of joy.

The housekeeper was then told that the cash was a gift from all the staff members, who wanted to give her a New Year’s ‘bonus’ for all of her hard work.

Screenshot: @namiangel26

They then continued to reassure her that she had done absolutely nothing wrong and everyone was very appreciative of all she does.

Netizens in awe of staff’s actions

At the time of writing, the TikTok has been liked over 53.6K times and boats over 2,000 comments. With such a wholesome gesture that turned into a prank-gone-wrong, we’re not surprised that many netizens have something to say about the video.

Here’s what some social media users have said.

Screenshot: @namiangel26

Translation: This housekeeper must be super sweet as there are so many that wanted to show their appreciation for her. Everyone who helped is a kind soul and my heart is smiling and so full for all of you. There are tears prickling at my eyes. Very very well done. 

We couldn’t agree more with what this netizen said – the housekeeper must’ve left such an impression on the staff that they decided to pool together their own money to give her a bonus. And, vice versa – the team is extremely kind to consider doing such a thing.

Screenshot: @namiangel26

Translation: I’m crying right alongside her, amazing. 

Same, netizen, same.

Among the many comments mentioning how wholesome this video is, there was also one that spoke volumes to us about society.

Screenshot: @namiangel26

Translation: Though she may not have a glamorous job, may she be loved and respected everywhere she goes. This is truly heartwarming, #TeamHousekeeper! 

Every teammate is valuable

As the final comment said, the housekeeper’s job isn’t the most dazzling. However, that doesn’t seem to matter as she managed to receive a year-end bonus from her team members who were so impressed with her work and personality.

This story gives us hope that there are teams that truly appreciate each and every member, and are looking forward to hearing more about them.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @namiangel26

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