He wanted his students to feel welcomed

SuperTeacher cover
Images adapted from: One31 and Komchadluek

We’ve seen superheroes clean the streets of Thailand before. Now, a new superhero has appeared to help the children.

A kindergarten director in Nakhon Sawan recently donned a cape to join the fight, in an effort to help children come back to school.

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He greeted them in costume every morning

SuperTeacher greet
Image credit: naewna

A school director at Mueang Nakhon Sawan Kindergarten, Mr. Wisit Siriwattaphong, has been greeting his returning students in a cape and mask as his school prepares for the first day of the semester.

Mr. Siriwattaphong explained that he dressed up as Superman to make his students feel welcomed. He was concerned that students would feel reluctant to start school after being away for so long.

They responded positively

SuperTeacher photo
Image credit: Komchadluek

Some children were reportedly asking for photos with their super teacher, which he gladly accepted. The children liked it so much to the point where he greeted them daily in costume to brighten their day.

SuperTeacher dance
Image credit: Komchadluek

He also led them in a singing and dancing activity to teach them about COVID-19 safety measures. He wanted his students to feel motivated and see school as a fun environment.

“Superman is from a distant planet and swore to help people of Earth out of gratitude. Teachers are similar – we are indebted to students and so are they to us. We will do what we can for them, like what I am doing now,” said director Siriwattaphong.

Not all heroes wear capes

The role of teachers is undoubtedly important to everyone’s development, and we sometimes forget how much we actually miss being in school as we grow up.

After all, the children are our future and we want to see them give back to the community one day. We are grateful to have teachers like Mr. Siriwattaphong looking after these children. 

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