Students sing to encourage frontliners

Medical professionals are doubtlessly and endlessly working hard in order to improve the current situation.

We’re extremely grateful for their work and sacrifices. While words can’t capture how much we appreciate their work, these students aptly expressed their gratitude through song.

Let’s see what songs they sang for our heroes.

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Students sang a song by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

11 young talents from Regent’s International School Bangkok teamed up and covered “When We Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Uploaded on YouTube by 10th August 2021, their performance was dedicated to healthcare workers, according to MGR Online.

GIF: Regent’s International School Bangkok

The song’s lyrics strongly highlights that hope still exists, even in the midst of our dimmest days.

There can be times of miracles, when you believe, through hope is frail, it’s hard to kill,

Who knows what miracles you can achieve?

These simple lines are capable of touching a thousand hearts.

In addition to the student’s vocal talents, they also play different instruments for the frontliners.

One student composed a song for frontline workers

One gifted junior, recognised as one of the school’s most talented musicians, decided to compose her own song. She gives a solo performance of her song while also playing the piano.

GIF: Regent’s International School Bangkok

At 2.04 minutes, our music genius emphasises:

“Thank you for all the sacrifices that you made, so we can live without pain.

Thank you for your time for all the sweat and tears you shed for us.”

Her lyrics clarify the regard she carries for our healthcare champions that presevere daily to keep us safe.

Encouraging frontliners through the hardest times

These musicians have reminded us to show compassion and encouragement to our frontliners. Showing some kindness, especially towards those who are fighting an unseen force to keep us safe, can really make a difference.

We also want to show gratitude to our medical professionals who are out there battling the pandemic for us.

Cover image adapted from: Regent’s International School Bangkok

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