Tourist took refuge in Thai temple

Images adapted from: Matichon

A stranded Russian traveller found refuge in a Thai temple in Surat Thani after the lockdown took place due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

25-year-old Ivan was enjoying his holiday at Koh Samui in March when the virus spread. When he attempted to go to Songkhla to extend his visa, the border was already sealed.

He then decided to take refuge at Wat Pattanaram Phra Aram Luang and work there in exchange for accommodation and food.

Stranded Tourist

Image credit: Matichon

Paying it forward by teaching English and helping out

Stranded Tourist

Image credit: Matichon

“Ivan is well-mannered, generous, and diligent. He wouldn’t accept money from us,” Abbot Phra Khru Pisan Pattananukit said.

“He wanted to work, but I was afraid it would be illegal, so I let him stay in the temple and teach English to the novices.”

Besides Ivan, many tourists have been left stranded in Thailand after the pandemic hit. Around 20,000 tourists of Russian nationality alone have been reportedly stuck in the country. 

The Thai government has automatically extended all types of visa for foreigners who remain here until the end of July.

Big props to the abbot for lending a helping hand and to Ivan for paying it forward.  

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