New Frappe drinks at Starbucks Thailand

new drinks in starbucks thailand

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Locals know Starbucks for being a classy coffee shop to visit for a chill afternoon. From 1-for-1 deals and fancy flavours, their newest offer comes in the form of 3 new Frappe flavours, which will be available across all Starbucks outlets in Thailand till 16th September 2019:

Double Ristretto Blended Cream

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Coffee lovers should go for the Double Ristretto Blended Cream (฿170). This Frappuccino comes with double-shot coffee that is mixed with milk, and is topped with cream. This should be a great perk-me-up. 

Matcha Blended Cream

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If you’re not into coffee at all, then Matcha Blended Cream (฿170) is for you. After all, the combination of matcha, milk, and cream can’t go wrong!

Teavana Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea With Pomegranate Pearls

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The most refreshing drink of them all probably has to be Starbucks’ new Teavana Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea With Pomegranate Pearls (฿185). This fruity mix comes with citrus mint and hibiscus tea, mango puree, and chewy pomegranate pearls that burst with real juice with every bite. 

Get them before they run out 

These 3 drinks will only be available on the menu for a limited time, till 16th September 2019* – so get to your nearest Starbucks outlet to try them out!

Keep up with Starbucks Thailand on their Instagram for more updates.

*Note: Or while stocks last