Squid Game looks for Halloween

With the overwhelming success and popularity of the Netflix series, Squid Game, we would expect nothing less than for the masses to don their best costumes pertaining to the show.

Considering most of the characters from Squid Game are wearing uniforms, there aren’t that many ways to make the costume so unique. However, there are ways to make the posts of you wearing said outfits one of a kind.

Here are a couple poses for you to make your Squid Game costume stand out, and to remain the talk of the town for months after spooky season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

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1. “Oh, dear. I’ve been eliminated”

Unfortunately, being eliminated is part of the fun and mayhem that is Squid Game. That is, unless you manage to make all the right choices and even the correct mistakes that land you the grand prize.


So, in the event that you’re met with an untimely – but hopefully not brutal – death, be sure to go gently into the light. You may be in great pain, but it’s imperative that you remember that the camera sees everything.


So, make sure to tilt your heads up to avoid a double chin when you meet your demise.

2. I think ate too many Dalgona cookies

As the noobs are fervently using a small needle to carve out their designated shape during the Honeycomb game, us pros were busy licking it.

While superb eating abilities may lead to a victory, it can also lead to a stomachache, which isn’t super glam.


Well, you did survive so you might as well document it on social media.

And, don’t worry no one will be able to tell.

3. Oh, it’s time for a midnight fight?

An impromptu violent riot breaking out in an enclosed room is no excuse to look even a little bit flawed.


In the wake of the midnight fight, be sure that you wake up looking absolutely flawless. Make sure you channel your bedroom eyes, and sheepish gaze that many an Instagram model serves on their #wakeupselfie.


If that’s not an option, you can simply do your morning wake-up stretches, but make it sexy.

4. This game-issued soda isn’t enough to quench my thirst

Hey, we get it. Competing in games where your literal life is on the line is exhausting – after all, it’s the lack of complimentary welcome drinks that incited a midnight riot in the first place.

So, when you’re posing, convey to the camera that just drinks are not enough to quench your thirst…


… for more games of course!

Bonus, experts say that posing with a coffee cup is a move that pro oppas do.

5. The name’s Doll. ‘Red Light, Green Light’ Doll.

While most people will be dressed up as players from the game, there are a few of us who hope to portray the first villain: the doll.


If you want to level-up your Insta-shot for your doll costume, be sure to stare extra hard into the camera. Let your followers know that you’re out for blood, and that your eyes are ever-scanning for movement.


6. To call, or not to call? That is the question

If you’re worried that your followers won’t understand your Squid Game costume – unlikely – you can always add a name card as a prop.


Since the card’s used when players are deciding whether or not to call the number and relinquish their lives to the games, it’d be best to also have a phone booth present in your post. You know, just for good measure.


7. Me @ Squid Games when I realised ₩46 billion is ~฿1.3 billion

Okay, most of us were probably jarred by the concept of a Hunger Games IRL, and maybe even wondering what sort of money is worth people’s lives.

So, in the spirit of curiosity, we converted the prize money to our own currency.


And, you know what? The massive amount of dough that we’d receive if we win the games made us warm up to the idea of partaking in such dangerous activities a little more palatable.

So, why not use this photo opportunity to practice your sexy “Money is yummy” pose?

Halloween is the time to let loose and have fun


Our wardrobes over the past couple of months have been, well, untouched. Considering we’ve spent most days at home, we’re usually wearing loungewear a majority of the time, unless there’s a meeting, then we’ll put on a button-up.

So, take this Halloween to showcase your fashion sense. You already have the costume, so might as well lean into the characters and anything-goes vibe that the spooky season brings.

Who knows? Maybe a high fashion magazine will contact you for your advice in the future.

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