Thailand prepared to open border to international visitors 

The Phuket Model that was initiated to allow limited numbers of tourists to visit the province was postponed due to concern after a spike in cases, and there are no updates on the plan for now. 

However, the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) recently pointed out that it will be too late for the Thai economy to wait for a vaccine before resuming travels, and that Thailand should offer tourists “a special visa” to enter the country without quarantine. 

Only for countries with no new cases for at least 60 days 

Vichit Prakobgosol, the president of ATTA anticipated that Thailand will lose over ฿1.5 trillion from the lack of tourism if doesn’t implement a special visa plan during the 4th quarter of this year, Bangkok Post reports.

Special Tourist Visa in Thailand
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Moreover, there will be over 2.5 million workers in the tourism industry losing their jobs which heavily impact the Thai economy. 

ATTA proposed a special tourist visa plan to the government, which aims to allow a limited number of travellers from selected “safe countries” to enter in order to feed the tourism industry in Thailand. 

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Only tourists from countries with no new cases for at least 60 days are allowed to obtain the special visa to enter Thailand. 

They don’t need to be under a 14-day quarantine, but will have to present a health certificate issued no more than 72 hours before the flight and will be tested again when arriving. 

There are certain provinces included in the plan, and there are also a limited number of tourists that will be allowed in each area. 

Special Tourist Visa in ThailandBangla Walking Street in Phuket with no tourists 
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Thapanee Kiatphaibool, the deputy governor for tourism products and business at the Tourism Authority of Thailand added that Bangkok, Buriram, Phuket, and Chonburi might be included at the beginning of the plan. 

The plan is still under consideration for now, but tourism businesses in some provinces like Phuket are already prepared and are looking forward to hearing an update.

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