Caring employee saves grandma’s life

Aumka Thottasaen, a 45-year-old cashier in an S&P bakery store in Nonthaburi, became the nation’s hero overnight after netizens learned about her lifesaving story.

On 10th November 2020, Miss Thottasaen led a team of rescuers to save her frequent customer, 85 -year-old Somsri Sakuntongbai, who got into an accident inside her own home.

Image adapted from: Khaosod

The thing is that Miss Thottasaen didn’t actually know if grandma Sakuntongbai was in distress or not. She decided to alert the local rescue team just because the grandma hadn’t phoned her for 5 days straight, which is unusual since the grandma had been a regular customer for a delivery service at S&P.

Oftentimes, Miss Thottasaen would deliver food to grandma Sakuntongbai, so the cashier knew that the old lady lives by herself.

Fell off the steps 

Image adapted from: Khaosod

After not being able to gain access into the house after awhile, the rescue team decided to force themselves into the locked house by cutting open the metal gate and hardwood door with their heavy tools. 

The door then opened to reveal grandma Sakuntongbai sitting still on the floor and looking very weak near the steps leading to the second level. She was quickly rushed to the nearby hospital.

Image credit: Dailynews

It was reported that the granny had fallen down the stairs and, due to her old age, couldn’t move at all let alone yell for help or get to her phone. Without any food and drinks, her injured body quickly became weak.

Grandma Sakuntongbai is now being hospitalised and the hospital has already contacted her relatives.

Praised by company and netizens



After hearing about their employee’s heroic deed, S&P quickly took to their official Facebook by posting a certificate of honour dedicated to Miss Thottasaen, along with a message of gratitude as well as the summary of what happened.

The post has been shared over 17,000 times and is filled with countless kind words for our hero since yesterday.   


Translation: Thanks to the employee for what she did and thanks to the company for recognising it.


Translation: What a satisfying story to read, congratulations Miss Thottasaen.


Translation: She deserves a big raise.

We would like to thank both Miss Thottasaen and the rescue team for helping the granny.

Not only did Miss Thottasaen succeed as a worker who cares deeply about her customers, but also as a good reminder that we all need to look out for each other – we might end up saving someone’s life just as she did.

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Featured image adapted from: Khaosod

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