Only those instructed could enter Trang

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Images adapted from: Khaosod and Kom Chad Luek

This past Saturday, 18th April, Sergeant Major. 1st class Peerasak Champa got punished with 45-day confinement for insubordination.

The sergeant wanted to see his ailing mother in Trang, but couldn’t get through the checkpoint due to the province’s travel lockdowns.

Argued with the provincial governor

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Peerasak Champa (blue shirt) arguing with Trang governor Luachai Charoensap (pink shirt)
Image credit: Kom Chad Luek

In a video, Mr. Champa was seen arguing with Trang’s provincial governor, Luechai Charoensap, and insisted his permit from the army was valid.

Mr. Charoensap repeatedly told the Sgt. Maj. otherwise; that his orders were to only allow soldiers with assigned duties into Trang. Despite that, the soldier pressed on.

The next day, 18th April, the army punished the sergeant major for insubordination. According to Khaosod, arguing with your superiors is “largely frowned upon by Thai society.

The sergeant got his wish to briefly visit his mother

Nonetheless, the army allowed the soldier to visit his mother on Monday, 20th April, on compassionate grounds. According to Khaosod, Peerasak’s mother, Sukanjanathip, is ill with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

After his brief visit, he was sent back to serve 45-day imprisonment. Mr. Champa’s story resonated with a lot of people, and they showed equal compassion by donating money to help his mother, reaching ฿70,000 the same day he visited her, with a little help from Peerasak’s army compatriots.

Love knows no distance

It’s heartbreaking to be away from your loved ones, especially when the lockdown keeps you away from home against your will. Especially for those with ailing health, some are willing to swim across oceans just to be with their families. 

But please remember that going against safety regulations during lockdown is more likely to keep you away from your loved ones than see them sooner. Stay safe, everyone.

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