Snapchat Has A New “Disney” Filter That’ll Turn Your Pets Into Pixar Characters IRL

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New Disney Snapchat filter for pets

new snapchat pet filterImage credit: Kendra Nichole Lewis, Nikki Farish, Madison Palm

Having Snapchat back in 2013 was cool. But after IG stories started taking over, I have to admit being one of the many that left the app rotting away before deleting it for good.

But the year is now 2020 and Snapchat is making rounds again for releasing a new filter that Disney-fies pups and kitties, making people wanna download the app all over again.

Special filter for your pets

Facebook user Danielle Sugden’s post on FB group Dogspotting quickly went viral after she shared an adorable snap of her doggos with the filter on their faces.

Looking at the photos, we wouldn’t blame you for mistaking her pups as characters out of a Pixar movie.

dog disney filter 5
Image credit: @snowdrops.and.stardust

Other pet owners soon followed suit and tried this adorable filter on their own fur babies:

dog disney filter
Image credit: Stephanie McDonald

dog disney filter 2
Image credit: Charlotte Fennell Fitt

The filter is called ‘Cartoon Face‘ and is available on Snapchat.

One user also mentioned that the filter wouldn’t work in real time of her dog, but it managed to work when she uploaded a photo instead.

dog disney filter 3
Image credit: Amy Pritchard

Lucky you if your pet resembles a breed from any Disney flick too!

lady and the tramp
Lady, is that you?
Images adapted from: Brooke Marie, Disney

Another user shared that taking videos might be easier for some if the filter doesn’t show up while taking a regular photo of your pet. Then, just take a screenshot whenever you’d like.

dog disney filter 2

Works on a bunch of different poses as well
Image credit: Jessica Marie

One pet owner managed to get the filter to work on her kitty – so cat owners, make sure to try it too.

Image credit: Murphy Moroney/POPSUGAR

Something fun for pet lovers

snapchat dog filter
Image credit: Shandi Stundon, Pixar

If you’re getting bored of filters on your own face, it’s time to rope your furry friends in for some fun.

And if you don’t own a pet (😭), don’t worry. just head on to Dogspotting’s thread and browse through everyone’s photos!

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