Thai man reunites with buffalo

Buffalos in Thailand are considered family pets. In the Thai countryside, many locals have reverence for their working animal and friend; these gentle giants are often spoiled with lots of love. 

This Thai Man in Chai Nat, Mr. Surat Paewkate exemplifies the bond that people have for their animal companions. When his beloved buffalo, Thong Khum – whose name means “pure gold” – went missing, the man stopped at nothing to bring him home.

Let’s see how Mr. Paewkate got reunited with his buffalo, with a little help from social media. 

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Suspicious Nissan driver took the buffalo

When Thong Khum disappeared on 16th May 2021, Mr. Paewkate wasted no time in finding his friend. 

He posted screengrabs of CCTV footage on Facebook which showed a silver Nissan truck driving off with the still-grinning buffalo in broad daylight. 

The post captured a lot of attention, and reached netizens in the neighbouring province of Utthathani.

Man Reunites With Stolen Smiling Buffalo, He Recognized His Trademark Grin
Mr. Paewkate and Thong Khum
Image credit: True ID News

Mr. Paewkate mentioned being so worried about Thong Khum’s whereabouts that he was sleep-deprived – he even went out to search for his buddy at 1AM on 18th May 2021.

Kidnapped buffalo was to be sold off 

Luckily, just 11 hours after Mr. Paewkate embarked on a solo search party, a Chai Nat provincial security officer notified him of the good news: they found the suspect who stole Thong Khum, the smiling buffalo.

Man Reunites With Stolen Smiling Buffalo, He Recognized His Trademark GrinImage credit: True ID News

The suspect revealed that he owned a buffalo herding farm in Chai Nat. The man found Thong Khum in Wat Sing District within the Chai Nat province, and sold Thong Khum to an unsuspecting local for ฿60,000 (~USD1,911)

Currently, Mr. Paewkate is looking to press charges against the suspect for stolen property. He is also planning to install fences around his property to prevent Thong Khum from being stolen again.

A man and his buffalo’s sweet relationship

The extent to which Mr. Paewkate went to reunite with his smiling buffalo is a testament to the strength of the relationship between him and Thong Khum.

Lot of animal lovers can probably relate to the story. 

What would you do if someone tried to steal your beloved pet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Cover images adapted from: True ID News

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