Smart gadgets in Thailand 

Technology allows us to live our lives with convenience we couldn’t have imagined decades – or even years – ago. The evolution of ‘smart’ gadgets seems to have changed the way we live and operate in daily life; if there’s a problem, it’s most likely that there’s a smart device out there to fix it. 

Here are 10 next-level gadgets that you did not know that you needed and can take your house to 2049.

1. LG OLED CX Smart TV

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: CNET

Smart TVs nowadays can stream content from through like Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime in ultra-high definition, as well as play songs and podcasts from all over the world. Most televisions are also compatible with AirPlay or Chromecast, devices that allow you to stream entertainment from your phone to the big screen wirelessly.

However, the LG OLED CX Smart TV has built-in AirPlay2.0 and Google Chromecast where you can broadcast your phone to your screen wirelessly, eliminating the need to buy the accessories. In addition to streaming ability, it has numerous factors that make it our recommendation – the device offers Dolby Vision for ultra high definition pictures, 3D surround sound systems, voice command ability and a “magic” remote that also works as a mouse.

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: LG

The LG OLED CX Smart TV comes in multiple sizes: 48”, 55” 65” and 77”. The smart TV is available in IT sections of major department stores and other appliance stores like Home Pro and IT City.

Price: from ฿47,900 (~USD1598.36)

Sold at: Major home-improvement stores and department stores

2. Philips Hue smart-lighting system

Smart gadgets in Thailand
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Comparing smart lighting to a standard lighting is like comparing the iPhone 12 to an old school Nokia. Philips Hue smart-lights allow you to customise your lights in any way imaginable: you can choose a wide range of colours to set the tone, dim the lights or even set them to groove to your music; all without even touching the light switch.

In order to transform your home into a cool colour-changing pad, you’d need the Philips Hue Starter Kit, which includes 3 colour changing light bulbs and a signal hub. After that, customers can also buy additional bulbs.

Smart gadgets in Thailand
You can turn your normal room into something like this
Image credit: CNN

Philips Hue also comes with a very easy to use and stable mobile application; the system also supports Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Smart-Light is available in major electronic stores, like iStudio, dotLife, HomePro and online official stores like Lazada.

Price: Starter Kit is priced at ฿6,990 (~USD233.39)
Additional bulbs start at ฿1,790 (~USD59.74)
Light strips and other larger bulbs start at ฿3,190 (~USD106.47)

Sold at: Home improvement stores and online vendors

3. iRobot Braava Jet M6

Some people would pay all the money in the world for a house that cleans itself; while that idea might be feasible one day, present technology can offer a robot vacuum cleaner.

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: Central Online

Our top smart vacuum is the iRobot Braava Jet M6; it can both vacuum and mop the floor – quietly – for you with the touch of a button on its mobile application. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner also works with floor cleaning solutions.

It even has a state-of-the-art navigation system: it remembers the layout of your house and automatically returns to its charging station when it’s finished cleaning. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand The iRobot Braava Jet M6 also comes with mopping abilities
Image credit: Habitech

Price: ฿23,900 (~USD797.66)
Basic robot model starts at ฿7,490 (~USD249.98) with limited features.

Sold at: Major department stores, like Siam Paragon and Central Department Stores.

4. Xiaomi Mijia Internet Dishwasher

While dishwashers have existed for a long time now, they have only become more common in Asian households more recently – after all, most of us are used to washing our dishes in the sink. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: Rucas

Our top pick is the Xiaomi Mijia Internet Dishwasher – apart from being able to automatically clean your plates, this dishwasher also comes with multiple washing modes based on what you’re cleaning, like fragile wine glasses or grimy plates.

Unlike most dishwashers that come installed within cabinets, Xiaomi’s is portable; with one full charge lasting 90-120 minutes.

You can talk to it too, through its app that is compatible with Home Operating Systems (OS) like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa.

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: IAUMReview

Price: ฿12,090 (~USD403.50)

Sold at: Major department stores, online stores and Xiaomi official shops

5. Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Smart gadgets in Thailand Image credit: Trusted Reviews

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 can measure your weight, muscle density, water level, overall BMI, bone volume, fat levels and daily caloric input and output.

It comes with a mobile application that provides a detailed analysis of your body based on stored information, as well as health suggestions.

The smart scale goes for ฿1,185 (~USD39.55) – which is significantly less than similar devices. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: Youtube

Price: ฿1,185 (~USD39.55)

Sold at: Major department stores, online stores and Xiaomi official shops

6. August Smart Lock

You know when you’re walking along and suddenly wonder, “Did I lock the door?”. The app that accompanies August Smart Lock can accurately answer that through its tracking system August Smart Lock automatically logs and records all movement, including timestamps. 

Plus, it allows you to wirelessly lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world with its wifi-hub. So, you can always ensure your door is locked, even when you’re on vacation abroad.

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: Business Wire

The August Smart Lock is our pick because unlike traditional smart locks where you can only lock and unlock your doors via mobile applications, this one automatically controls your door’s locks upon entrance and exit via built-in sensors and Bluetooth detection. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: What Phone

Price: ฿7,990 (~USD266.67) 

Sold at: Major department stores across Bangkok

7. Xiaomi CATLINK Automatic Litter Box Lite

Having cats as a pet is a dream for many people – but the thought of cleaning up their waste is why having a cat remains a dream for many people. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand
Image credit: Xiaomi Planet

Introducing all feline lovers’ dream machines: the Xiaomi CATLINK Automatic Litter Box Lite. The toilet automatically rotates and moves kitty litter into a separate compartment after your cat does its business – its sensors detect your cat’s movements. 

The toilet is also sleek, perfectly sealed with the ability to send notifications to your phone every time your beloved pet uses it. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand Xiaomi Catlink has a bin tray where waste is separated and stored so that you can easily dispose of them
Image credit: Xiaomi Planet

Price: ฿8,990 (~USD300.04)

Sold at: Major department stores, but we’d recommend ordering it online so you wouldn’t have to carry it home

8. Xiaomi Tiny Green 

Some people are into pets, while others just prefer being plant parents. However, a common mistake is assuming plants don’t require as much attention. 

The truth is that raising a plant is a difficult process, from getting the right fertilizer to the correct amount of sunlight. Xiaomi Tiny Green is an affordable piece of innovation that helps you do just that – it is capable of automatically calibrating the amount of water, nutrients and sunlight needed for the plant.

This miniature greenhouse also comes with a mobile application that allows you to control watering patterns and the amount of sunlight from your phone. If you really don’t know what your plant needs, simply enter the type of plant you’re housing and the magical greenery will automatically calibrate. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand
You can also stack Xiaomi Tiny Greens on top of each other
Image credit: MacModern

Apart from allowing wireless control, Xiaomi Tiny Green’s mobile application also provides insights and information about your plant. 

Smart gadgets in Thailand Xiaomi Tiny Green comes with 2 options – 3-pit and 15-pit
Image credit: Shopee

There are two options for Xiaomi Tiny Green, 3-pits and 15-pits options. 3-pit Xiaomi Tiny Green’s price is ฿1,195 (~USD39.82) and the 15-pit Xiaomi Tiny Green’s price is ฿3,550 (~USD118.29).

Like most Xiaomi products, the Tiny Green is available in major department stores. However, if you’re a frequent user of Lazada or Shopee, this is one of the brands that offers the most discounts on online platforms. 

Price: ฿1,195 (~USD39.82) for the 3-pit Xiaomi Tiny Green
฿3,550 (~USD118.29) for 15-pit Xiaomi Tiny Green

Sold at: Major departments stores and online retailers

9. Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

Smart gadgets in Thailand Wevo Wifi Smart Plug
Image credit: Cool Stuff Ever

The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug allows you to pull the plug from anywhere – perfect for those who use heat styling tools – and automatically stops electricity flow once it detects dangerous levels.

This futuristic tool also automatically detects and adjusts the correct amount of voltage for any plugged-in product, so say bye-bye to clunky adapters. This bad boy also comes with a physical switch just to remind you that it’s still a plug. 

It’s compatible with smart home OS, like Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa, which means you can talk to it.

Smart gadgets in Thailand Image credit: Cool Stuff Ever

Price: The price of the Wemo Wifi Smart Plug is ฿1,690 (~USD56.40)

Sold at: Major department stores 

10. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Like the Master Ring to control them all in the Lord Of The Rings, Home Operating Systems are the technology that allows you to control all “smart” appliances through voice command.

Smart gadgets in ThailandImage credit: ITIGIC, China Gadgets

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is a smart speaker that comes with Google Assistant; so it keeps track of important reminders, appointments and emails connected to your Google Account.

This nifty gadget is a “smart” speaker in its own right as well, as it supports multiple music streaming applications. It can also set morning alarms and fetch you the news – it even has an interesting personality and can tell jokes, like ‘Yeong-Sil’ from Start Up. 

The key reason we recommended Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is because it works just like Google Home but is 50% cheaper.

Price: ฿1,690 (~USD56.33)

Sold at: Major department stores, Lazada, Shoppe and Xiaomi flagship stores

Jump into the future with a smart home

We spend so much time dreading house chores and the consequences of forgetting to unplug our straighteners or locking the door. With the ever on-the-go lifestyle that living in Bangkok requires, it’s not always easy keeping up with the little things.

So, while rewiring your entire house is an extensive process, buying these next-level gadgets aren’t. Most of these products are available at major department stores across the city and on online vendors – so you can transform your home into The Jetson’s from the tips of your fingers. 

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