Six-legged turtle in Thailand

A rare six-legged turtle was found in Songkhla on 20th March 2021 by Mr. Suwit Kaewboon and his wifethey rescued her and her seven egglings from becoming part of a dish.

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Thai couple saves six-legged turtle

Turtles are considered a delicacy to some in Thailand – when Mr. Suwit’s wife found the turtle, she quickly informed him of her concerns. So, the couple paid ฿1,000 (~USD32.13) to the villagers in exchange for the female turtle and her eggs, according to Sanook.

Thai Couple Saved A Rare Six Legged Turtle From Becoming A Meal
Image credit: MGR Online

It wasn’t until after they paid for the turtle that they found two extra rear legs on the reptile. The couple has posted about the turtle on their Facebook pages in hopes that an animal rescue team will take her to an appropriate sanctuary. 

Thai Couple Saved A Rare Six Legged Turtle From Becoming A Meal
The turtle is 40 centimetres wide and weighs 12 kg
Image credit: MGR Online

The turtle brings fortune

Previously, no one has ever found this rare turtle and it’s been told that this species is on the verge of extinction, shared Thai Reference.

The locals believe that six-legged turtles are full of fortune – they’re known as Phaya Tao, or ‘Mighty Turtle’ in Thai. Whoever finds this turtle is said to receive immense amounts of luck. So, if you’re interested in finding one, these turtles usually inhabit rainforests along the borders of Southern Thailand. 

Compassion for animals

Despite all that’s been going on in the world, there are a lot of people who prove that compassion is still abundant. This couple saved a turtle from becoming an ingredient in someone else’s meal and found out that she may be a bringer of immense luck – it truly shows that no good deed goes unpunished. 

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