“Home for sale, free personal singer” 

Having a friendly neighbour is good, but having a neighbour with manners is far better. If not, you will be forced to leave your cosy house just from annoyance. 

This family in Thailand put their house on sale after their neighbour kept practising his guitar and singing all day and night in order to join a music contest. 

Free personal singer, anyone?

move out due to non-stop singing
Image credit: Dailynews

On 4th October 2020, officers got a complaint from the owners of a house at Baan Bua Thong village in Nonthaburi that their neighbour was being extremely annoying. 

move out due to non-stop singing
“You’ve already tried so hard. Please join your contest as soon as possible.”
Image credit: Dailynews

The house owners decided to sell their house with a sign saying “Urgentl! A house for sale. A 2-storey house with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms. [You’ll] get a free singer who can sing and play the guitar non-stop. You’ve already tried so hard. Please join your contest as soon as possible.” 

Another person living nearby informed Daily News that she also felt the same. She suffers from a health condition and still had to listen to his annoying songs, but didn’t want to have any conflicts with the singer. 

move out due to non-stop singing
Image credit: Dailynews

The 42-year-old singer in question, Mr. Saksit Visart, was later informed of the problem he seemed to have created. He informed the reporter that he had a restaurant and always sang and played the guitar when he had free time.  

He understood that there might be people who don’t like his songs, but he didn’t do anything violent. He also added that the reason why he kept practicing was because he would like to join a singing contest in the future.

We’ll have to stay tuned for more updates on how the story will end. 

We feel very sorry that the neighbours weren’t able to settle the issue amicably. We also wish Mr Visart luck in winning the contest as fast as possible to bring peace to the village again. Any music lovers want to buy the house?

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Featured image adapted from: Dailynews

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