Singapore-Thailand VTL guide

Ever since the announcement of a Singapore-Thailand Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) kicking off in December 2021 broke, travellers in both countries have been gearing up to visit the other. 

However, a VTL doesn’t mean that you can just hop on a plane and come through to Thailand like we used to be able to before *cough* something *cough* happened in 2020. 

For those in Singapore who are looking to come to Thailand via the VTL, here’s a guide to the different entry requirements, vaccination guidelines and direct flights from Changi to Bangkok. 

Other useful Thailand-related resources:

Thailand’s “Test & Go” programme

On 1st November 2021, Thailand kicked off the new “Test & Go” scheme. Under the initiative, fully vaccinated travellers flying into Thailand from 63 countries, including Singapore, will not need to undergo quarantine upon arrival. 


Image credit: Entry Thailand

Travellers are instead required to take an RT-PCR Covid-19 test on arrival at the SHA Extra Plus (SHA++) accommodation. Upon receiving a negative test result, they are free to roam Thailand. 

The scheme was revamped on 1st February 2022 and now allows travellers from all countries to apply.

As of March 1st 2022, travellers will have to stay in a SHA Extra Plus accommodation on Day 1 of their visit.

Read on for more details and instructions on coming into Thailand under the Test & Go scheme.

Apply for “Thailand Pass”

Throughout the process of entering Thailand, you’re going to use “Thailand Pass” a lot. 

thailand-pass-vtlScreenshot: Thailand Pass

Thailand Pass is a 100% online system where travellers can upload all of their travel and health documents before getting them approved. 

The approval process takes around five to seven days, after which travellers are issued a QR code that acts as their “Certificate of Entry”.

thailand-passImage credit: Thai Embassy

Stated below are the required documents you’ll need to apply for your Thailand Pass: 

  • Passport 
    • Travellers must not have travelled to countries outside of Thailand’s Test & Go approval list in the past 21 days. 
  • Proof of Covid-19 insurance with a minimum coverage of US$20,000
  • Certificate of vaccination 
  • Paid Alternate Quarantine (AQ) or SHA Extra Plus Accommodation (SHA++) confirmation 
    • Must include RT-PCR Tests

Here’s more information regarding the requirements. 

Covid-19 testing requirements

Under Thailand’s Test & Go programme, travellers are required to do an RT-PCR Covid-19 test upon arrival.

Visitors who are staying longer than five days are also asked to self-administer an ATK test on Day 5 of their stay.

If you’re staying in a SHA Extra Plus (SHA++) Hotel, which we delve into more later, tests are often already be included in the package. 

To book your own Covid-19 testing packages, we’d recommend browsing Klook for different testing packages starting from ฿620 (~USD18)

Approved vaccinations to enter Thailand

1st February 2022, travellers from all countries who have been fully vaccinated are eligible to apply to enter Thailand under the Test & Go scheme. 

Image credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, has listed the eight vaccines that Thailand recognises and the different interval requirements.  

Alternate Quarantine (AQ) and Sha Extra Plus Accommodation

Alternative Quarantine (AQ) Hotels, which are designated for unvaccinated travellers can be booked here. Here’s some more information on visiting Thailand without having received a vaccine against Covid-19

SHA Extra Plus (SHA++) hotels are establishments where 70% of employees have been fully vaccinated and are partnered with hospitals to provide RT-PCR tests. A list of SHA++ hotels can be found here.

Screenshot: ASQ

Most of the hotels on the list already have airport transfer and testing fees included in the price. 

Direct flights from Singapore to Thailand

After getting all your documents and hotel reservations in order, it’s time to finalise your trip by booking your flights from Singapore to Thailand.

singapore-thailand-vtl-flightsImage credit: Tpicture via Pixabay

As of 15th December 2021, Singapore Airlines, in partnership with Jetstar Asia, will be operating 25 flights a week between the two countries. 

According to Travel Trade Report (TTR) Weekly, 14 of those flights will be specifically for VTL travellers. 

singapore-thailand-vtl-flightsScreenshot: Singapore Airlines 

The VTL-specific flight numbers are SQ706, SQ708, SQ712 and SQ714.  

Resources for more information on travelling to Thailand

Armed with documents, negative test results and hotel reservations, it seems that you’re all ready to come to Thailand. 

However, we also get if you want to be extra-extra prepared, so here are some sites that we believe will be useful for your planning. 

Entry Thailand is a website launched by the Ministry of Tourism specifically to help foreigners navigate the nation’s entry requirements, documents and quarantine periods. 

entry-thailand2Screenshot: Entry Thailand

They even have a “journey” section where travellers can find out required documents based on where they’re flying from, their vaccination status and destination in Thailand.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand regularly updates their website’s Newsroom section with tourism-specific information. They also list guidelines for Thailand’s entry programmes

Entering Thailand for Non-Thai Travelers starting from 1 November 2021
play button
Entering Thailand for Non-Thai Travelers starting from 1 November 2021

Check out this video they made back in November after the Test & Go scheme was announced. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government organisation that frequently and accurately updates their site content. Though the English site is currently under construction, the FAQ section on Thailand Pass does provide a host of information on visiting Thailand. 

Singapore-Thailand VTL

Since March 2020, mandatory quarantine periods and medical certificates have become a huge part of travel. 

While it doesn’t seem like the two will no longer be required soon, the implementation of VTLs has made us optimistic about the fact that travel will start looking a little more like it did before 2020. 

With both administrations taking precautionary measures to improve the situation, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to welcome travellers from Singapore soon. 

We hope this guide will make your preparations to travel to Thailand a little easier, and wish you all the best in your future travels. 

Cover images adapted from: Tourism Authority of Thailand, tpicture via Pixabay, BBC

Originally published by Sam Mai on 9th February 2022. Last updated by Sam Mai on 23rd February 2022.

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