Thai Netflix shows like Girl From Nowhere

It’s been over a month since Season 2 of Girl From Nowhere aired, and viewers are already itching for the third season.

Netflix series, Girl From Nowhere, gave audiences a unique blend of creepy magical realism and social commentary. Those themes were delivered with multiple twists that only added to the show’s mystery. And that’s only part of why the show was so addictive.

Though we can’t directly summon new episodes of the beloved series, we’ve compiled a list of Thai Netflix shows like Girl From Nowhere to watch whilst waiting – and hoping – for Nanno’s return.

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1. Sleepless Society: Insomnia – Khun Fan Luang

Similar to how we’ve all been trying to figure out where exactly Nanno came from, the protagonist from Sleepless Society: Insomnia is trying to solve mysteries from her own past.

As the title suggests, the series’ main character, Aiya experiences chronic insomnia. She’s kept awake by a recurring nightmare, where she sees her mother murdering an unknown victim in her childhood home.

aiya sleepless society
Image credit: Meow Ja

Wanting to get to the bottom of what the dream means, Aiya makes the journey back to her old place.

However, the insomnia persists as she’s piecing the story together. Sleep deprivation makes it difficult for Aiya to distinguish between what’s really happening and what’s an insomnia-induced hallucination. It’s totally a mind-bending experience for her, as well as viewers, to figure out what’s real and what isn’t.

Bonus: The show already has multiple seasons so the wait between episodes won’t break your heart like Girl From Nowhere.

2. The Scent Of Love – Klin Kasalong

The Scent Of Love, or Klin Kasalong in Thai, is a drama centred around twins with a complex relationship. If The Shining and Alone have taught us anything, it’s that twins in horror films are not exactly good omens.

While we understand sibling relationships can get complex, most problems are laid to rest when they pass away. Similar to how Nanno vs Yuri may eventually play out, the sisters’ issues span over multiple lifetimes.

However, instead of fighting over who’s the best harbinger of justice, the twins in Klin Kasalong are feuding because they both fall in love with the same man every time they reincarnate.

Teaser กลิ่นกาสะลอง เริ่ม 10 มิถุนายนนี้ | Mello Thailand
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Teaser กลิ่นกาสะลอง เริ่ม 10 มิถุนายนนี้ | Mello Thailand

Alternating between the siblings’ past lives and the present, viewers are taken through their complicated relationship that has twists comparable to Girl From Nowhere.

netflix scent of love
Okay, yes, siblings fight. But, do they take it as far as tying the other to a tree?
Image credit: T News

Season 2 of Girl From Nowhere had fans thinking hard about reincarnation, divine forces, and rivalry. Klin Kalasong delivers on all three fronts. So, for those who are looking for a rivalry similar to Yuri and Nanno’s, we’d recommend this particular drama.

3. The Stranded – Kwaeng

Something that Girl From Nowhere fans loved – and sometimes hated – about the show is that they had to solve a new mystery in every episode. For those who are looking to recreate the suspense that comes with trying to dissect and re-dissect a Thai drama, we have just the show for you.

In Netflix’s first Thai original series, Kwaeng, or The Stranded, a group of students are stuck on an island after a devastating tsunami. In true Lord of the Flies fashion, the students have no way of contacting anyone from the outside world.

The Stranded | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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The Stranded | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

As they try to make it from one day to the next, exhaustion and desperation begin to cause friction within the group. The tensions ultimately lead to past issues making their way to the surface, which then bring about waves of conflict between the characters.

Image credit: Bangkok Post

Members of the group thus have to navigate the rough terrain of a seemingly sentient island, whilst also trying to uphold what little solidarity they have.

Bonus: James Teeradon a.k.a Nannai makes a cameo in one of the episodes.

4. ThirTEEN Terrors – Phuean Hian.. Rongrian Lon

ThirTEEN Terrors is probably the first answer Thais will give when asked for recommendations on shows like Girl From Nowhere. The show is a horror anthology series, where each episode focuses on a different student’s experience with the supernatural and their questionable ethics. Hmm…sound familiar?

ThirTEEN Terrors International Teaser
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ThirTEEN Terrors International Teaser

Like Girl From Nowhere, the series delivers social commentary through the lens of secondary school students who are struggling with adolescent issues. However, ThirTEEN Terrors takes supernatural occurrences and characters to another level.

Instead of just one entity, ala Nanno, delivering justice, it’s the souls that haunt the school that dictate the characters’ destiny. Keep in mind, though, that these are spirits who have been wronged and aren’t too picky about their victims.

Image credit: DJs World

So, for those who are looking for a series similar Girl From Nowhere, but with more ghouls and gore, ThirTEEN Terrors should be top your viewing list.

Note: The show is leaving Netflix on 1st July 2021. So, we’d recommend watching this spooky show ASAP.

5. Blood & Treasures – Pidsawat

In recent years, Thai drama producers have definitely adhered to the saying, “A love story for the ages.” – approaching themes of love and reincarnation from every possible angle. TBH we’re living for it.

In this series we’re about to recommend, you’ll get a bit of both, and then some.

Pidsawat – or Blood & Treasures in English – follows Akkanee, an archaeologist and antique enthusiast. Even the least seasoned horror buffs know that when antiques are involved, the ghost in the story isn’t going to be a particularly jolly one.

Enter Sarochanee, the series’ female lead. Sarochanee is the reincarnation of Ubon, a woman who was assigned cursed to protect the Kingdom’s treasures since the Ayutthaya era.

Like in every good drama, both lead characters’ pasts are linked.

Image credit: TV Pool Online

Something that appealed to many Girl From Nowhere fans was seeing antagonists being held accountable for their actions.

So, if you enjoy watching justice and karma play out onscreen, and love a seeing strong female lead being the bringer of penance, then Blood & Treasures is right up your alley.

Suspenseful Netflix shows like Girl From Nowhere

Girl From Nowhere provides a unique perspective into the nuances of navigating crime and justice in Thailand’s schooling system, and by extension society at large. The show also delivers its meaningful messages with dark humour and quality cinematography, which is probably how it climbed up to Netflix’s Top 10 Lists across the globe.

Luckily for Nanno fans, there are other Thai television series that explore similar themes and also contain ongoing mysteries and suspense.

Give these shows like Girl From Nowhere a try, and hopefully you’ll end up loving yet another Thai series so much, you’ll temporarily forget about the agonising wait for a third season.

 Have you seen any of these shows? What do you think? Let us know which other shows should make the list.

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