Death sentence for mall shooter

Image credit: Bangkok Post

The man responsible for the horrific shooting that claimed 3 lives inside a mall in Lopburi province in January is finally facing justice.

On Thursday, The Criminal Court sentenced 38-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew, former director of a primary school, to death on 9 counts including murder, attempted murder, and robbery. 

He confessed to all of them.

3 souls lost in the shooting

Image credit: Bugaboo

This terrible incident took place on the evening of 9th January 2020. Khaokaew, armed with a pistol with a long sound suppressor, decided to rob a gold shop inside Robinson Shopping Mall.

However, the situation escalated quickly and the former school director ended up killing 3 people: security guard Theerachat Nimma, 2-year-old Panuwit Wongyoo, and gold shop employee Thidarat Thongthip.

Image adapted from: Red Skull-addict

Prasittichai then robbed the gold shop and fled the scene with 33 gold necklaces worth around ฿665,470 (~USD21,300) as reported by Bangkok Post, but not before seriously injuring 1 other person with a gunshot.  

The manhunt went on for weeks before police captured him with the looted items and murder weapon.

Although the gunman has been punished, the tragedy he left behind won’t escape our memories anytime soon. May all victims’ souls rest in peace.

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Featured image: Pornprom Satrabhaya/Bangkok Post and Bugaboo

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