Shama Lakeview Asoke workation package

Our residences used to be just that, a place to reside in.

Now, work commutes have been replaced by trips to our living room-cumoffice. Romantic dinners at our favourite restaurants have been subbed with takeouts in our humble kitchens.

With all of this going on within the same 4 walls, it’d be fair to say that we are in need of some serious pampering and a sweet getaway stat

Shama Lakeview Asoke’s workation package offers an escape from your mundane work-from-home cycle with free breakfast, dining credits, and of course, some peace and quiet in a luxe hotel.

Here’s how to stage your well-deserved getaway without having to worry about ever-changing interprovincial travel regulations. 

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Escape your noisy fam in peaceful, well-furnished suites

Staying at home means more face-time with our loved ones. But extended stays with the fam do prove it’s actually possible to spend too much time together.

Coping with the lack of personal space, or keeping up with the boundless energy of our neighbour’s newborn baby can leave us feeling drained. And that’s totally valid.

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What we need to recharge, is simply our “me-time”. At Shama Lakeview Asoke, guests can recuperate in the peace and quiet of their spacious private suites. 

Host a solo tea party in your own slice of Japan
Image credit: ONYX Hospitality

These rooms also have tatami sections that’ll give visitors a little slice of Japan and a small sense of escape without having to leave the city.

Unlimited me-time and WiFi for drama binge fests or work

For some, getting their zen on means taking a luxurious bubble bath. For others, it’s chasing that sense of accomplishment from bulldozing through a long checklist of tasks.

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In the case of most millennials, it’s having the telly to ourselves. Begone nosy sibling who’s judging us for binge-watching Vincenzo on our phones with earbuds in.

Whichever mode of acquiring ‘zen’ tickles your fancy, rest assured that your workation rooms will come with TVs, en suite baths and enough power points to set up your temporary workstation.

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The hotel also gives guests unlimited WiFi that runs at a speed of 230MB, meaning you won’t have to wait too long to see Park Seo-Joon in HD. 

Guests can also take advantage of the fast and stable connections by catching up with work. That is, if they feel like it. 

Whatever it is that helps you relax, a private suite gives you the space and peace to do it on your own time.

All the comforts of home, with room service & dining credits

Getting in touch with your inner Martha Stewart was a popular coping mechanism in 2020. Baking fresh breakfast rolls was fun and all, but the hours spent prepping the dough and cleaning up afterwards essentially made cooking a side hustle.

During your workation, you’re highly encouraged to discard all your meal prep worries. Part of the deal includes daily breakfast, and ฿500 (~USD15) worth of dining credits per day.

Instead of starting your day with last night’s leftovers or getting jok from the curbside auntie for the fifth day in a row, order from an array of breakfast sets from The Coffee Club and Cool Chilli straight to your room. 

The Coffee Club’s Overloaded Thai Baked Eggs go for ฿240 (~USD7.21)
Image credit: @thecoffeeclubthailand

Other delectable options include Fried Rice, Pad Thai and Spaghetti Carbonara. Most dishes cost around ฿300 (~USD9).

Image credit: @thecoffeeclubthailand

Considering breakfast is on the house, guests can make their ฿500 (~USD15) worth of dining credits stretch throughout the entire day. Best of all, you won’t just be getting direct meals to your suite – they’ll actually be piping hot, made-to-order cuisine that’s already been paid for.

Flexible check-ins make it easy to plan for a staycay

Knowing that we’ll have to work until 7-8PM on a Friday discourages us from planning that staycation we know we need. 

With standard checkout times being before noon, we’d have to jam all of our relaxation time into a limited period and avoid sleeping in on our last day – or risk paying for another night. 

Bid strict check-in and check-out timings goodbye at Shama Lakeview, as you can begin a workation at your preferred time.

Image credit: @younicstyle

Your checkout time? The exact same time you checked in, just add another day – or however many you’d like to stay.

Recharge at Shama Lakeview Asoke’s workation suites from ฿1,600/night

While staying at home is a sure-fire way to keep ourselves safe, staring at the same four walls and constantly being around the same people is bound to get a little bit old.

Add the blurring boundaries between office and home, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for burnout. 

Work hard on giving yourself a break for a change at a luxurious hotel for only ~฿1,600 (~USD50)/night from now until 31st October 2021. 

Hanging out alone in a fully-kitted out suite while enjoying room service and housekeeping will definitely be a nice change of pace and scenery.

After a tough year of hustling, we’d say you deserve all the perks of clocking off work at a home away from home to indulge in some much-needed me time.

Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok
Address: 41 Sukhumvit Soi 16, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey 10110
Nearest Train Station: BTS Asok
Telephone: +66 2 663 1234

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