65-year-old uncle works as LINEMan 

65-year-old LINE delivery man

Image adapted from @halldrunkface and @yourmorningjs13

In the past, it was common for old people to see themselves as useless – but things have changed nowadays. There are many elders who are interested in doing things even after their retirement. 

As a result, many companies have opened work opportunities for older folk. Similarly, Lalamove, in collaboration with LINE, also has a policy welcoming seniors who are able to work proficiently. 

With the opportunity that open for seniors, here’s a lovely story on social media. Twitter user @halldrunkface shared a heartwarming story of a 65-year-old LINEMan his friend encountered.

65-year-old LINE delivery man post

Translation: My friend ordered food from LINEMan and found out that this polite uncle was the delivery man. The uncle said “Could you please give me star rating? I’m about 60-year-olds which makes it’s quite hard to have an opportunity to respond to an order from a customer. With a high score, things are going to be easier, and the opportunities will be widened”.

Don’t hesitate to give him a high score and good comments. It is very respectable that he is still working hard at this age.


Under the post is a comment from another user who shared a screenshot of a chat with the same uncle on the LINE app, who was very happy that netizens were reacting positively to him. He thanked everyone as well. 

Translation: The man in the picture is me. I will be 65 at the end of this year. Thank you for all the support. I will keep working for as long as I can. Thank you again.


Netizens compliment him for his hard work  

Many comments praised the uncle for his diligence and also gave him extra encouragement. 

netizens praise 60-year-old

Translation: I’m rooting for you.

netizens praise 60-year-old

Translation: Love this. Hope to see Thailand open more work opportunities for old people. Keep going uncle! 

Some users also shared their experiences with him in the thread. 

netizens praise 60-year-old

Translation: I saw this uncle once. At first, I didn’t realize how old he was. He called to inform that there was a long queue at KFC, and asked if I could wait for him. When arriving, he also told me to give him a rating. I gave him a high score and the uncle was very happy. 

netizens praise 60-year-old

Translation: Though his hearing is not that good, his work is perfect and he is very polite.

Alsom one needs to be able to use the LINE app proficiently in order to be a LINEMan. Netizens also praised him for adapting well with tech in the current times. 

netizens praise 60-year-old

Translation: The uncle can use technology. He knows how to adapt himself in this technological era. 

Hoping more companies give elders job opportunities

65-year-old LINE delivery man

Image credit: @halldrunkface

To be a Lalamove driver, one must own a motorcycle or a car. Additionally, they need to have basic skills of using mobile applications because there is an online platform to fill. After applying, there is also a training which every applicant has to attend. 

Thailand is stepping into an aged society, with an increasing number of elders who are above 60-years-old – the retirement age. It would be great if more companies open their doors for seniors to get more job opportunities if they need to support themselves. This proves that people of all ages are valuable citizens. 

Research also shows that having something to do at an older age is good for mental health. Seniors will have a purpose in life and feel that they are a part of the world. Moreover, in the same research, there also mention about the physical health that working is another way to exercise that will keep you active, young, and healthy. 

If you know anyone interested in working after retirement in Thailand, these are some companies that offer positions: Tesco Lotus,IKEA, Central group, SE-ED Book Center, and Krispy Kreme at Silom Complex.

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