Seniors learning programme in Thailand

 Senior Citizens Graduate From Local Health Programme

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If a person wants to start learning new things, being “too old” should never be a problem. Just ask these 60 seniors from Surat Thani who were lining up to receive a certificate from the Vice Governor.

Last week, 60 senior citizens put school uniforms and graduation gowns to proudly receive a “life certificate” after finishing an 11-week learning programme for elders. 

This is a part of the local health programme

 Senior Citizens Graduate From Local Health Programme

Grannies and grandpas in primary student uniforms
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The learning programme is a part of the local government’s initiative to promote the health of senior citizens. This includes physical and mental exercise, as well as basic English learning. 

The programme’s purpose is not only to help them gain physical strength, but also to fight off dementia in the elderly. By engaging in various activities, they are able to be stronger against diseases and conditions that are responsible for brain degenerations, ranging from memory loss to physical inabilities to perform everyday activities. 

 Senior Citizens Graduate From Local Health Programme

This cheeky sign says: “I still graduated despite how drunk I was”
Image credit: Talknewsonline

Another key point of this programme is to create a community that brings senior citizens in the village together and for them to participate in activities together. This helps them feel less lonely or left out by society.

All the ladies and gentlemen that participated were the 1st class of the village to graduate the programme. Their children and grandkids were also there to congratulate them. Aww.

New way to take care of elders

This heartwarming story reminds youngsters like us to be more involved in the lives of our elders – it’s not just about making them happy, but we can help keep them healthy as well.

You can begin today by starting a conversation with your grandparents and asking them about their good old days – they must surely have lots of tales to tell!

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