Self-heating instant noodles

Self-heating hot pot set via LINE Man

Images adapted from and @xenyai and Beartai : แบไต๋

Self-heating hot pots have been trending across Asia lately due to how convenient it is for foodies to enjoy a meal anytime, anywhere,

Now, this style of hassle-free instant hot pot is available in Thailand via LINE Man just by searching for You & I Ready To Eat

You & I Ready To Eat hot pot sets

Self-heating instant noodles

Image credit: @xenyai

You & I Premium Suki is a Japanese sukiyaki buffet store which has over 13 branches around Bangkok. 

If you need a small shabu party-for-1 at home but don’t want to waste your time preparing soup, ingredients, and especially cleaning a pot, then this is your answer. You & I has come up with a ready-to-eat shabu set packed together with a heating pad and pot that you can easily order from LINE Man. 

Note: The item is available to order from You & I’s CentralPlaza Rama 9 branch only, so take note while searching for the store on the app. 

Self-heating hot pot sets start from ฿289

Aside from the convenience, the hotpot set also comes with impressive ingredients unlike your typical instant noodles from supermarkets.

There are 3 flavours to choose from: Kurobuta Shabu (฿289), Wagyu Shabu (฿349), and Thai-style Tom Yum River Prawns with Egg Yolk Lava (฿329)

Self-heating hot pot in Thailand

Look at those giant shrimps!
Image credit: @punproxl

All ingredients are fresh, so it’s recommended to eat it within 2 days.  

Bangkok first self-heating shabu

Instructions are printed on the package
Image credit: @punproxl

The preparations are very easy – you’ll just have to pour room-temperature water into the pot and heating pad into it. Mix all ingredients into the cup, place it on the heating pad, and add the soup. All you have to do next is wait for it to boil on its own!

Self-heating instant noodles in Thailand

Your delicious shabu shabu will be ready in 15 minutes
Image credit: @punproxl

With fresh ingredients and it being so convenient, this is value-for-money for sure. Now, you can enjoy tasty shabu shabu anytime you want.

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