16-year-old gets scammed

It is very admirable that many young folks today work hard and save up for something they want. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable targets of many online scammers due to their lack of experience and naivety. 

Image credit: ข่าวปราการนิวส์โพสต์ 

Earlier this week, 16-year-old Daeng, a TVET student in Samut Prakan, rushed to the police after a secondhand iPhone 6 she bought online turned out to be a package of pickled cabbage worth around $1 when it arrived. 

Spent her savings on it

Image credit: ข่าวปราการนิวส์โพสต์ 

The student revealed that she came across this secondhand iPhone 6 on Facebook’s marketplace and agreed to buy it for ฿1,100, which included a shipping fee. So she decided to spend her savings from part-time jobs on the item.

After seeing the item inside the parcel, she was quick to call the seller but the number was already out of service. 

The 16-year-old also said that she wouldn’t buy anything on Facebook ever again. 

Right now, the case is being investigated by the police and we hope they get to the scammers soon. 

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Featured image adapted from: ข่าวปราการนิวส์โพสต์ 

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