Sametnangshe Boutique in Phang Nga Bay

We’re not surprised why lots of visitors appreciate the South for its stunning islands and beaches. Admittedly, it’s a must-visit region if you’re on the hunt for crystal clear waters and a vast array of mini-islands to hop about.

Our recommendation today would be, Phang Nga Bay – an underrated destination in Southern Thailand with clusters of small islands ripe for exploration. Since you’ll probably need a place to hole up for a night or two, it should be one that guarantees your merry stay.

Sametnangshe Boutique is a resort with private pools for you to bask in panoramic views of Phang Nga Bay’s many islands, all in the comfort of your very own room.

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A resort with unseen views of the islands

Image credit: Sametnangshe boutique เสม็ดนางชีบูทีค

First things first, Sametnangshe Boutique is a resort perched on higher land in Phang Nga province. You won’t be able to miss the iconic villas here with ceiling to floor windows, for uninterrupted vantage points of the stunning landscape. Plus points for the big infinity pool with a jacuzzi where you can cling to the edge to watch the sapphire ocean of the South.

Image credit: Sametnangshe boutique เสม็ดนางชีบูทีค

It offers six types of rooms with the view of Phang Nga Bay, but I’ll talk about this later. Looking out through your room, you will be greeted with views of a smattering of islands lying around in the emerald ocean, juxtaposed against clear azure skies.

Image credit: Wander Girls

Can’t wait to see the inside of the private cabins? I got you in the next subhead.

Rooms with outdoor private pools for viewing the islands

Image credit: Sametnangshe boutique เสม็ดนางชีบูทีค

Let’s start with the most budget option on the list, Bird Home at ฿1,605 (~USD48)/night and it comes with AC. This villa looks like a bird house that lets you feel like you were glamping in the forest. For its very affordable price point, you’ll also get to enjoy an ocean view straight from your room.

The trade-off, however, is that you won’t get a personal bathtub, and guests have to use the communal toilet. But don’t worry, you can walk to the nearby swimming pool to cool off whenever.

Image credit: LAZY COUP : เที่ยวเป็นคู่

If the price isn’t your concern, but not having a bathtub is, The KaNham Villa from ฿6,313 (~USD191)/night has a bathtub for you to soak in the bubbles and look out at the islands on a sunny day – on top of other similar perks to the first option.

High rollers take note. This next option is for travellers who really want to indulge in the finest while making special memories with bae.

Image credit: Sametnangshe boutique เสม็ดนางชีบูทีค

The Krajom Villa lets you gaze at the islands with the sun rising behind in the outdoor private pool from ฿9,523 (~USD288)/night with breakfast included.

Image credit: Wander Girls

This room is housed within an elevated 2-storey villa with panoramic glass windows. Picture this. When morning comes, you’ll get to draw the curtains to bask in the full warmth of an auburn sun rising in the east, against the many islands of Phang Nga Bay.

Before you dash out of your room to explore everything, we’ve helped you narrow down which outdoor spots exactly to hang around for some IG pics next.

Oversized bird nest IG spot and an urban chic cafe

Image credit: @offmommy_happy

We’d like to spotlight this oversized bird nest chair for a really cool shot that gives you Phang Nga Bay’s many islands in their full glory. Just make sure to think up a good pose, and we’re sure it’ll get at least a hundred likes on your IG feed.

After exploring the premises of the resort, consider parking yourself a their on-site cafe with a cuppa hot tea before video-calling the fam. We love the hanging branches and statement piece lamps, which definitely add a bit of edge to the otherwise polished furniture.

Image credit: Sametnangshe boutique เสม็ดนางชีบูทีค

Overall, if you’re planning to explore Southern Thailand on your next trip, and want a place to be based out of in Phang Nga Bay, this is but one of many resorts they have to offer.

Sunrise views over Phang Nga Bay’s islands at Sametnangshe Boutique

Besides this resort, the South offers limitless tourist places to tour on your summer holidays. But even if you’re not into sea sports or hiking up ragged cliffs, the glorious views over at Phang Nga Bay are definitely worth travelling for.

And for that reason, we think Sametnangshe Boutique will let you have an unforgettable experience by pairing unseen 360-degree views of the islands and the ocean with the privacy of your own spaces.

Sametnangshe Boutique
Address: 90 Moo 2 Khlong Khian, Amphoe Takua Thung, Phang-Nga 82130
Telephone: +66 6 3229 8855
Sametnangshe Boutique’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @tchob_tchobLoi story, LAZY COUP : เที่ยวเป็นคู่

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