Sam Praeng Facestreet 2019

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The end-of-year season is a time for celebration for locals, with many excited to ring in a brand new year. Lots of festivals tend to take place during this period too, like the annual The Golden Mount Festival and the Red Cross Festival.

Sam Praeng Facestreet is another must-visit event for everyone, from music lovers to foodies. With all sorts of happenings like live music and art installations, here’s what this festival has in store this November.

Annual festivities at Sam Praeng

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Sam Praeng Facestreet has been taking place for over 10 years and showcases Thai culture through various activities like workshops and performances. This year’s theme is “Love Forever”, and for the first time, all 3 streets of Sam Praeng will be connected for people to walk freely between the festival’s different sections. 

Happening from 24-25th November 2019, the area will be transformed into a vibrant street with beautiful installations and art pieces. There will also be a public stage for live music and art workshops visitors can enjoy.

Free art and cooking workshops 

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Cooking enthusiasts can join Ped Krua Sam Praeng, or the Sam Praeng Open Kitchen, and learn more about traditional Thai multi-generational recipes. Chefs and owners of various stores around the area will be coming together to share secret tips you won’t be able to find anywhere else to use in the kitchen.

workshops at Sam Praeng Facestreet
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Meanwhile, art buffs can take part in handicraft workshops where you’ll be able to make your own blue dye fabric, banana papers, and other knick-knacks.

Bangkok's workshops at Sampraeng Facestreet
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Each workshop is limited to 15 participants and requires a registration fee. Click here for more information.

Live music and comedy performances

Free performance at Sampraeng Facestreet
Puppet show
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While walking around, you’ll find different venues with performances going on, ranging from folk music, handmade puppet shows, and live music. 

Free performance at Sampraeng Facestreet
There’s even a fun comedy show you can watch 
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If you’re here with the whole family, there’s definitely something for everyone – from the kids to mum and dad – to enjoy!

Street food

Foodies can savour various street food and local delicacies while here. Food is another aspect that the Sam Praeng area is famous for, so lots of stalls are waiting for you to visit. 

Street food at Sam Praeng Facestreet
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When at Sam Praeng, don’t hesitate to try grilled pork balls at Look Chin Moo Praeng Nara, coconut ice cream at Nattaporn Ice Cream, and beef noodles at the 50-year-old restaurant Kuay Tiew Nuea Gim Tong

Takes place in Bangkok’s old town

Art installation at Sam Praeng FacestreetImage credit: pragoong

Sam Praeng is a Thai phrase that means “3 junctions” – here’s it’s made up of 3 streets: Praeng Nara, Praeng Phuthon, and Praeng Sappasart. 

The area is considered to be part of Bangkok’s Old Town, where the royal family’s palaces used to be located. Here’s where you’ll find lots of olden-day buildings that give us a snapshot of how the now-bustling BKK used to be like in the past.

Sam Praeng - Bangkok's old townImage credit: @petpailin_p

It’s not just vintage architecture you’ll find here either. Many restaurants and street food carts here have recipes that have been passed down for generations, so foodies shouldn’t miss visiting Sam Praeng.

Enjoy Thai Culture at Sam Praeng Facestreet

Sam Praeng Facestreet - Free Bangkok Street FestivalImage credit: สามแพร่งfacestreet 

If you love art, music, and food, and are interested to learn more about Thai culture, Sam Preang Facestreet is the perfect festival to be at. You can even bring your family and friends and there are lots of activities all ages can enjoy. 

Sam Praeng is located near Bangkok’s Giant Swing, which can easily be accessed by bus or the  Chao Phraya Express Boat via Phra Atit and Phra Chan Pier. 

If you take the train, you can stop at Sam Yod or Sanam Chai MRT stations and take a 30-minute taxi ride to get to the festival. 

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Praeng Nara Rd.,
Praeng Phuthon Rd.,
Praeng Sappasart Rd.,
San Chao Pho Sua Sub-district,
Phra Nakhon District,
Bangkokg 10200.
23 - 24 Nov 2019
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Things to note:

Telephone: +66 (0)6 623 2000