Roti Bear in Bangkok

There’s a place in Bangkok where you’ll find all sorts of roti besides the classics like egg (฿49) or banana (฿59). If you’re a roti connoisseur, you need to head on over to Roti Bear, a fusion roti cafe that serves roti-inspired dishes and even dishes from neighboring countries.

Creative roti dishes

RotiBear flat lay

We came just in time to welcome back the shop’s most-hyped dish: the Roti Hot Pot (฿139). 

RotiBear hot pot

They used two balls of dough to make this dish, and the fun part of this dish is not eating it but preparing it. You pour chocolate syrup onto the ingredients sizzling in the pan and watch it collect at the bottom, which adds a chocolate-y crust.

RotiBear banoffee

No need to go to a cake shop for a banoffee, as Roti Bear also has Roti Banoffee (฿99). The roti holds together a sweet-tangy, crunchy filling of bananas and caramel cracker flakes. As for the taste, the roti banoffee is quite close to a banoffee cake but the roti gives this banoffee a thin, crispy layer to sink your teeth into.

RotiBear spinach

For something savoury, try the Spinach & Cheese Roti (฿89) with its stretchy cheese and deep-green spinach. You can dip it in ketchup but it also tastes well on its own.

RotiBear menu
Tonnes of items on the menu

The shop also recommends the buttery best-seller Roti Thoomtham Cheese (฿69), a type of roti playing up chewy thickness, now with cheesy goodness. Their Malaysian-inspired roti tissue (฿55-95) is also a favourite among customers, being thin and drapey (like a tissue paper) to better soak your syrup of choice.

Roti fusion cafe that opens late night

Roti Bear has menus for roti lovers of all levels, whether you like it plain and buttery or with layers and layers of toppings. 

If you crave roti in the middle of the night, you can also order from here as they are open till 3AM.

Roti Bear (Chok Chai 4 branch)
Address: 1 594 Chok Chai 4 Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
Opening Hours: 11:30AM-10PM
Telephone: 065 889 3302

Roti Bear (Town in Town branch)
Address: 270 Lat Phrao Road, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310
Opening Hours: 11AM-3AM
Telephone: 080 906 4868

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